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Posted by Samantha Rentz on April 13th 2012

Food to Help Fight Fat! Check out these fat busting foods! Greek yoghurt What makes Greek yoghurt a delicious tool for weight loss is its protein content. It has twice as much as other yoghurts. “Protein takes longer to leave the stomach,” says sports nutritionist Leslie Bonci. “That helps keeps you satisfied longer.” As a […]

Posted by Samantha Rentz on April 13th 2012

Although the precise cause-and-effect relationship between different foods and moods has yet to be fully understood, many people have found they can link eating (or not eating) certain foods with how they feel. The foods and drinks that most often cause problems are those containing alcohol, sugar, caffeine, chocolate, wheat (such as bread, biscuits, and […]

Posted by Samantha Rentz on April 13th 2012

Can food really affect my mental health? Many people are seeking to take control of their mental health using self-help, and to find approaches they can use alongside, or even instead of, prescribed medication. One self-help strategy is to make changes to what we eat, and there is a growing interest in how food and […]

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