Our Services

Initial consultation

We will assess and analyze your current diet and eating habits and take your vital statistics. We will make specific recommendations to improve your diet and health, and discuss further support we can give you to achieve your goals. We will provide you with a written report containing all of the nutritional advice and recommendations we make. This is an in-depth consultation where all medical conditions are checked, life-style questionnaire, informed consent forms and so many other aspects. What you want to achieve,  your food preferences and dislikes are all noted so that R.E.A.L can devise a 10-40 week menu plan that accommodates your lifestyle, family and work.

Weight loss programme

This is a ten week programme consisting of an initial consultation and nine follow-up sessions. We will give you practical demonstrations about portion sizes, teach you to choose the healthiest options when you eat out,  cooking at home and even show you photographic evidence of what a leaner you would look like! We will set new goals each week, come up with personalised meal plans and we even provide weekly shopping lists to make it as easy as possible for you to stick to your new healthy eating plan. Our daily food plans fit into your lifestyle and take into consideration all your food likes and dislikes, work and family commitments and  provide support throughout the entire process. We provide 24/7 support…yes we really do and are here to ensure your weight loss and keep you motivated. Whether you are dining out and unsure what to eat, facing a challenge then at R.E.A.L we respond to any call or text within 5 minutes to support you and make sure you make the right food choices. Now that’s what you call a R.E.A.L service. After your ten week weight loss programme finishes we then continue to stay with you for a further 8 weeks to ensure that the weight loss is sustained.

Extended Nutrition MOT

This is a service for the perfectionists out there who want to make sure they are eating well! You provide us with a month’s worth of your food diaries, and our nutritionist will perform a detailed analysis and score your diet for you. This is the ideal way to make sure that you are getting the right amounts of macronutrients, vitamins and minerals. We will see you at the start to explain how we need you to record your food intake, and then again at the end to discuss our findings with you.

Kitchen Detox and Home Consultation

Trying to eat well but keep being tempted by those cupboard food favourites? We can come to your house and make your kitchen a whole food heaven. Have an initial consultation in the comfort of your own home, where we take a full case history, asses and analyze your

current eating habits and take your vital statistics. Then we will set you on the healthy eating pathway by cleansing your kitchen of all junk food and designing a diet specifically for you- driven by all your likes and dislikes.

Personal Food Shopping

Too busy to organise your healthy eating? We can plan delicious weekly menus and order your shopping. We can even teach you to cook if you are a complete kitchen novice!

R.E.A.L boot-camp

Why not try R.E.A.L boot-camp to kick start your weight loss and new healthy you? Our proven track record means that you will lose at least 4lbs over 3 days stay on a healthy diet. This is alongside exercise and comfortable surroundings with 24/7 support. This is not a military style boot-camp nor does the food consist of cottage cheese and celery! You will learn how to begin to change your mindset with our trained  Client Psychology and Motivation leader, learn about and eat a healthy diet and exercise in a fun way. As well as weekend boot-camps we offer a seven day boot-camp in order to lose 7lbs or more but the seven day boot-camp is not for the faint hearted! Get in contact to find out more today!

Get in touch

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