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Posted by Samantha Rentz on November 1st 2013
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Conquer your anxiety and stress through hypnotherapy. Max Kirsten is an internationally renowned and highly qualified clinical hypnotherapist, NLP Master Practitioner, Success Coach and published author with many one to one clients, including film stars, politicians and business leaders. He is also a leading sleep specialist working in collaboration with the London Sleep Clinic, in Harley Street W1, London.

What’s included

  • Over 4 hours of audio sessions and content
  • introduction to the app and hypnotherapy
  • Hypnotherapy sessions
  • Ambient binaural relaxation session
  • Anxiety Tools including Breathing Exercises and Thought Field Therapy (TFT)
  • Conquering Social Phobias
  • “What is Anxiety?” Audio Chapter

About the Program

This is a proven anxiety busting program based on many years of successfully treating his patients at his private clinic in London – not a generic hypnosis product.

We are living in uncertain worrying anxious times. Paint a picture of unmitigated dark gloom often enough on 24 hour rolling news and it’s hard to avoid the virus of low-level fear it spreads.

“As a clinical hypnotherapist and success coach, I’ve seen a steady increase in the number of clients with anxiety problems in the current climate, particularly since this latest world recession and global financial meltdown began.

I was asked by The Times Newspaper to do a 5-Day series on conquering the effects of anxiety and stress. People all worried about money, they’re anxious about keeping their jobs and often have sleep issues.

I’m seeing more people who feel out of control and who are using self-destructive forms of behaviour to try to escape their negative feelings.

Many have physical symptoms that confirm their stress. Insomnia, nausea, headaches and shallow breathing are common. For all of them. They is an underlying current of anxiety and fear.”

This ‘Conquering Anxiety Now’ app teaches a selection of anxiety busting techniques for Anxiety and other Stress related conditions, Insomnia, Panic attacks, Phobias (including Social Phobia), Hypertension, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Irritable Bowel Condition (IBS) Skin conditions (including Eczema, Blushing) etc…

The Hypnotherapy NLP audio programs were all created in a state-of-the art recording studio with Full Stereo Imaging, combined with the latest breakthrough techniques in Advanced Hypnosis and Binaural Beat Technology, and encoded (Alpha,Theta, Delta) brainwave entrainment frequencies.



  • Created in a state-of-the art recording studio using Logic PRO digital.
  • Full Stereo Imaging.
  • The latest breakthrough techniques in Advanced Hypnosis and NLP.
  • NLP (Euro-Linguistic Programming) – including latest Future Pacing and Analogue Marking techniques.
  • Background Music – includes Binaural Beat Technology, and encoded (Alpha,Theta, Delta) brainwave entrainment frequencies



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