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Posted by Samantha Rentz on January 15th 2013
  • The story of Rebecca Morris and how she is losing weight the healthy way with Samantha Rentz of R.E.A.L, (Rentz Eatings and Lifestyle) with huge amounts of willpower and the strength to succeed.

Let me introduce you to Rebecca, (Becky) Morris a 23 year old lady that came to meet me on the 27th October 2012 to discuss how R.E.A.L might be able to help her. Rebecca was so motivated by our offerings that Rebecca started a weight and nutrition management programme with Samantha Rentz on Monday the 5th November 2012.

About Rebecca when we met.

Rebecca had been struggling with her weight issues for years and was even considering surgery. When I met Rebecca she was 20 stone and 8lbs, 5 ft 6 and her BMI was 47.4.

Rebecca at 20 stone and 8 pounds

Aware of how little confidence Rebecca had I also entered into an agreement with her on the 5th November 2012. I agreed to throwing out certain foods in my home, including all my favourite treats whilst she watched me and removing any alcohol from my home and agreeing that I would set myself out a weight loss plan for the first week. The reason for me also taking out an agreement was to show Rebecca that I would fight alongside her, knowing how tough the first week is for any Client, to show that I was as dedicated to her weight loss success as she was.

Also aware how embarrassing it can be to be weighed and have all your measurements taken I also let Rebecca take all mine down, which I know she enjoyed doing , particularly shouting out that my right thigh was in the red category in inches!

Our first session went well and we went through all the guidelines, filled in even more forms. Prior to seeing Rebecca I had already spent days devising daily food plans. At R.E.A.L we generally tend to tweak current eating patterns and foods but Rebecca felt that she needed clear menu plans. I worked out 3 weeks of menu plans starting Rebecca off on week 1 with a daily calorie allowance of 1,600 calories. Whilst this seemed a lot I knew that it was least half her current daily calorie intake and that if I limited her to a far less calorific intake in the first few weeks she might fail.

We went through all the food menus for week 1 and the shopping list, some of which she was not best pleased about, (mainly the bananas and eggs)! After we had finished Rebecca was very enthusiastic and left straight away to go and do her new healthy food shopping. As she started shopping the texts came in fast asking, ( which I asked her to do) on which foods she could substitute and alternatives for foods that were not available in the supermarket. When she returned home we spoke on the phone whilst she threw out current foods available in her cupboards to remove temptation. When I asked her about her food choices she had read all the labels and not brought anything over the agreed 5% fat content. I have to say I was impressed with her choices.

The next day we texted each other mainly for me to check on how she was doing. Other than complaining about how much water she was drinking she was doing great and she even tagged a picture of her cooking ratatouille on Facebook to ask if that’s how it should look:)

Rebecca's ratatouille


  • Rebecca’s blog from day 1:


My first day of following the menu that Sam has made me. I got up pretty late so thought this might mess up the menu and eating times, but it worked out ok. The breakfast wasn’t bad, was something I would eat normally, toast and jam… some bran flakes which really aren’t as bad as I thought. I drank some water, and felt fine. Felt good actually! I had successfully finished my first R.E.A.L meal, and no dramas!! Well… no dramas until I realised I started on the wrong day.. I am literally useless sometimes. Lunch again fine, had some nice crumpets for a snack, that was delicious and I felt guilty until I remembered Sam had LET me eat these. Then I had a lamb chop for dinner with vegetables and potatoes. All lovely stuff, and I’m happy with it. I also made tomorrows ratatouille which smelt good, so I’m looking forward to that. Right now I’m feeling happy about this, its feeling good… although I had an underlining need to eat bad foods. There is a quiche in the fridge (that does not belong to me) but I can’t stop thinking about it. And I really wanted something sweet after my dinner, I put it down to some unrelenting primal need to have sweet after savoury, but I will just have to battle through it. Sitting here, watching the TV and writing this, I truly realise how tough this is going to be. I’m armed with all the tools I need, a brilliant menu, cupboards full of food and the most supportive nutritionist… but there is still this massive urge to go and binge… eat the quiche or find something sweet or order a pizza. I’m fighting the temptation to go STUFF IT and eat. But I will keep drinking my water here, or grab an apple. I won’t be submitting… well not quite so early anyway! Sam has been on the end of the phone all day, texting and emailing all my questions and queries! I feel like a child having to get everything checked, needing constant reassurance, but luckily Sam seems pretty patient. Anyway, tomorrow is the real test, back at work… Good luck to both me and Sam. 

When I got Rebecca’s blog I emailed straight back with some support and told her to bin the quiche, (say that she had dropped it) and pour water into the bin. This is what Rebecca sent back via email:

I stabbed the quiche up and then covered it in shower gel and chucked it. I feel better. I’m going to out too, that will help.

Well that’s a first I thought…no-one has ever stabbed a quiche AND covered it in shower gel. All power to Rebecca on her first tough day! Work finished for me now at 19.55 06/11/2012
  • Week 1

12/11/2012 16.33

Becky came to see me today for her weekly session. We went through how she had found the past week and she admitted that it been tough but mainly when she was around family eating different foods to her. Over the past week there had been minor slip ups but only the 1 skittle and a handful of nuts etc. Becky explained that she found it hard not to follow dinner with something sweet, which was pure habit, even though she was allowed ice cream and crisps it was still a struggle. So after a long chat it was measurement and WEIGH IN TIME. As she stood on the scales I shielded the results and tried not to show my surprise. Rather naughtily I asked her to re weigh herself and again I hid the results. I then prolonged the wait whist I went to my study to double check. I went back into the lounge and sat down with a grim look. Poor Becky looked so worried. I then announced that she had lost a whopping 9lbs in just one week. Dangerous you might think? No, I started Becky off on a 1,600 calorie a day consumption menu plan and all percentages of carbohydrates, protein and fat was specifically worked out so that she had a healthy and balanced diet. The simple fact is that she stuck to the menus and reducing her calorie intake by half would ensure success! Gradually, week by week, Becky’s daily calorie consumption will be lowered to the correct government guideline for her age and height.

We then, as always, went through each daily menu to check that she was happy with the recipes and other than the fact Becky hates fish, we only had to re-arrange 1 meal…….tuna mayonnaise jacket potato and change it to chicken!


  • Here is the proof of what Becky lost in lbs in just 7 days!

Rebecca's 9lb weight loss in 1 week!

Obviously Becky was thrilled. Then we used the runtastic squat app for some fun as exercise can be so boring at times and I did it alongside her. Becky was still worried that when she reached her goal of 10 stone that she might put it back on. Slimmers world had worked for her in the past but the weight came back on and it also took her 6 months to lose 2 stone which we achieved in 11 weeks alone. I asked her if she had ever been 10 stone? ‘No I haven’t the most I have lost was 2 stone’. My response was simply that by the time she reached 10 stone that her whole palate will have changed and that she would be educated about food and therefore sustain the weight loss. Becky left even more motivated and went straight to the shops to buy her shopping list that I give alongside every weekly menu plan and even messaged me to say that she had prepared one meal already to freeze for her night shifts at work!

Then Becky changed her Facebook profile picture:

Rebecca's new facebook profile picture

19/11/2012 16.53

  • Week 2

This was Becky’s second week. Once again we sat down and talked about the previous week and how she was feeling. She was worried as she had had a bad day on the 16th and sent this email to me:

“this is my food diary for yesterday. Can you add 2 teas because I forgot to add them. Last night I weighed myself… and it got me panicking. It was in kilograms and when I changed it to stones and lbs it said I was the same as my weigh in on Monday!!! It’s got me panicking. I was in my uniform with my radio on, and I had eaten and drunk all my food. So I’m putting a lot down to that, but surely that could only account for 3/4 lbs at the most! I just really want to lose weight for Monday, I’m aiming for at least 5lbs so it’s a stone weight loss. I thought it was happen no problem but now I’m thinking I could be disappointed. I suppose I might be worrying a tad too early, I mean there are still a few days left… I’m going to try and put it out my mind. Apart from that everything is okay, last night’s cottage pie was just so nice, I would like that again :) and the shake was really nice too! I felt quite hungry all last night, I kept drinking water, and that would keep it away for a little while but then I would become starving again”!

I responded by explaining that weighing machines were not 100% accurate and that under no circumstances should she weigh herself alone again. However I was aware that there was a Christmas party coming up at work and that Becky was worried. Taking that into consideration I lessened her calorific intake for 2 days to allow for any slip ups. Sure enough, habits die hard, I got this email from Becky the day after the work Christmas party.

“I’m disappointed with myself.  I was so hyped up after I spoke to you, an ready to say stuff it to the food you know, didn’t even want any and then I crumbled, and I couldn’t stop myself. I didn’t even stop to visualise skinny or whatever you know. I feel okay now, and just wanted to owe up to it really… am ready for a bollocking”.

Naturally I responded to explain that no bollocking was due and to forgive herself for the slip up and to stay on track. My email was this:” OK here is the bollocking…NOT! We all slip up and we both knew that last night was going to be easy. HOWEVER…no more slip ups if you want to lose 2 stone in 2 months. THINK OF THOSE NUMBERS GOING UP.  The good news is that you only consumed a total of 1364 calories:) THAT DOES NOT MEAN YOU CAN AFFORD TO TRIP UP AGAIN”.

  •  Week 3

Becky had struggled with temptation but had found the daily meal plans filling and tasty. We took all her measurements and Becky had lost a further 7 pounds. Obviously she was delighted. Now came Becky’s biggest challenge as the following week she was going to Germany to visit family. Whilst issued with her daily food plans we had to adapt a few days to accommodate travel and eating out. We were both nervous as to how she would resist temptation.

22/11/2012 received this email from Germany from Becky:

“today has been a bad day as you can tell. We were in Paderborn all day so ate lunch out, I tried to make an okay choice but I know it’s over. The dinner I changed because we don’t have cream cheese, again I know it’s over my calories. The other bits I messed up on. Feel let down by my sisters… today is her birthday so they were having Chinese but they were all being really shifty when I asked what they were doing. Then about 6.30pm they started getting ready to go to the buffet which I was fine with, I was just going stay in then. Then my twin said they weren’t going and kind of implied it was because of me, so then they all got Chinese and brought it here. So I’m sitting here whilst they eat Chinese. I think it’s just getting to me that they blame me because I’m tired, and on my period. But anyway, done bad today… Kept getting really hacked off that I can’t have the food I want and feel like I’m missing out. I know it should be for a good cause in the end but that does not help me when I’m confronted with stuff like this. Just angry right now, and angry that I’m moody because its my sisters birthday and I  should be happy. Anyway, tomorrow hopefully will be better. It will b a struggle when travelling with meals and whatnot, but just going to do the best I can” x

I responded immediately with the following email. “Becky darling. Please don’t be angry with yourself and IT IS NOT OVER UNTIL I SAY SO!!!! Look ultimately we do blame others…this week I blame my kids! Look for what it’s worth…enjoy tonight and take control with the shopping if you can. I will happily sit in myself and Skype you all the nights you are there if it helps. BUT..I suggest that you go ‘stuff it tonight’ and have a serious conversation with your sisters tomorrow or get them to call me so I can urge them to support you. IT AIN’T OVER YET BY A LONG SHOT…TRUST IN ME PLEASE”?

Becky’s response email follows.” Yeah I suppose it’s easy to blame other people, I just couldn’t find restraint all the time. Sometimes I feel strong… I threw the bagel away when it was delicious, and threw the crisps out when I could have easily finished the pack. I think I need to learn not to expect people to cater to me, if they want Chinese by all means they should be able to without me having a problem, my own issues I suppose. In no way I’m ready to give up, don’t worry… Just having a hard day” xx

Again I sent reassurance via email;” I did not say that Becky. We all, (real women need help with restraint…not the Mr Grey type):) wish people were supportive of us but as I explained before they are not. It is so easy for people to have their own guilt relieved if you join them. You WILL NOT GIVE UP! We all have bad days trust me. The good news is that, (whilst you are busy beating yourself up) that until you sent this email you only exceeded your calorific intake by 44 calories!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GO GIRL. As Scarlett O’Hara would say..fiddle de dee…tomorrow is another day:)


KEEP GOING. I believe in you!


  • Week 4

We were both nervous after Germany so we had a long talk about emotions and I introduced Becky to EFT, (Emotional Freedom Technique) in order to help her with future cravings and anxieties. So weigh in time came. Because I had made changes to Becky’s food plans during the week whilst she was away, although she was not aware of this, she still managed to lose 4 pounds! I also decided that it was time to do some gentle exercises with Becky at home. I explained that whilst losing weight was the core reason that exercise and food went hand in hand so we worked on Becky’s legs. Becky was over the moon and felt empowered and left feeling far more positive.

Having done some exercise on the Monday I received this email from Becky on the Wednesday:
” oh and Sam, I kinda hate you for the way my calves feel right now…. I’m walking like I s*** myself…

After laughing out loud I sent this email:” LOL…first time I have laughed in 48 hours. Yes but it shows that it works…….we want to see your ankles and tight calves:) Told you that the word hate would come up sooner rather than later:)


The emails continued as did Becky’s great sense of humour, something we both have in common. Again worried that Becky was going out too much and not able to be in control of her food, (her emotions) I was worried about a visit to O2 but I need not have worried. As Becky sent in her food diary daily she also added comments:

Friday 30/11/2012 email from Becky:

” Went to the 02 last night… was good actually! I didn’t drink, and had the spaghetti meal which wasn’t brilliant. I’m trying to make a habit of leaving food on the plate… I sabotage with brown sauce or masses of salt which of course works. Anyway… food for today…”

  • Week 5


So weigh in day and weekly meeting happened. We discussed the previous weeks eating and emotions as usual and Becky had lost a total of 1 stone 8 lbs in 5 weeks, weighing in at 19 stone. We went over some exercises for her to do at home as Becky was well aware that we now needed to start toning up as she lost weight. I asked Becky to set aside 20 minutes a day to do some simple toning weight exercises and gave her a set of dumbbells. Becky left pleased but there was a malfunction on my scales and instead of losing 25 pounds she actually lost 22 pounds, which Becky picked up on within 24 hours.


Becky like all of us, was not used to dealing with emotions or confrontation so when she was annoyed I received a text to that effect. This was a strange scenario as she should have been thrilled to lose 1 stone 8 lbs in her first 5 weeks. The next day we spoke and she explained that she got herself worked up and was not used to letting people ‘in’ but rather dealing with issues herself. I explained that once she got into the 17 stone region that this would all be new emotions for her as she had never been in this situation ever before and that she had to remember that  we were in this together for the long haul. Not to hold her hand or patronize her but that I was there 24/7 for support emotionally and food and health wise. She apologised, of which there was no need, and we agreed that I would not shield the weigh in from her anymore and she could see the weigh in results herself!

In addition to this Becky also uses a personal trainer Carol Owen whom R.E.A.L are in a partnership with. Becky called me on Tuesday to say that she had been to see Carol and that her arms were now killing her. It was great to know that Becky was now taking control not just of her food choices but also her exercise regime:)

7/12/2012 19.37

As with all addictions the emotions are high and get particularly hard to deal with when the addiction is taken away…even when we want it taken away. I have just finished talking to Carol Owen, R.E.A.L personal trainer whom saw Becky again today. Carol was telling me that Becky went to see her today and said how well she was doing and improved so much in her fitness. Carol also mentioned how great Becky was looking. Then I opened my emails and found Becky’s food diary along with these notes:

7.12.12- 18.17

“Today has been hard. I went to Carol to start with, and that was really good. I’ve enjoyed going back to her… it’s hard, and I never particularly look forward to the exercise, but feel good when I walk out of there, knowing I burnt X amount of calories or worked towards toning and losing weight. I am feeling fitter already, silly things like walking up the stairs is a lot easier. She did a lot of cardio work with me today, so that will go lengths to improve my fitness. I was buzzing. But that feeling is slipping away. I had this feeling last night too. I just want to eat bad food. I don’t want to stick to the boring food on the menu plan Sam has given me. I feel like I’m barely eating anything, but I know I am eating, I’m probably eating too much!! And every time I do eat I just feel guilty, like even the things I’m allowed are still naughty. I feel like this food I’m eating is making me bigger, and that I’ve put on weight this week. I don’t know, it’s been a weird day. I cannot get pizza off my mind. I know the menu is in the drawer, with all its deals… I looked up the cals in pizza today. 310 a slice in the pizza I like. I don’t care though, I just want it, and I want eat and eat and eat until I make myself sick with it. It’s ridiculous. It’s like an actual addiction. I need to get my fags from the car, maybe that’s the problem. Maybe I should smoke it off. I can’t go out every night, trying to avoid food. Sometimes I will be in the situation where I’m at home, and if have to find the strength of will to just resist the kitchen. Simple as. But today, no amount of water is going to keep this craving away.  Its times like this when I question if I can really do this”.

My heart sank. Not because I felt that she would not lose weight this week but because I understood every word that she said. I immediately texted Becky to call me as well as sending the following email: HANG ON JUST READ THIS!


“Why is the feeling slipping away? Is it because you don’t feel you deserve to feel good about yourself? When you felt like this last night you should have called me straight away!

This blog is great Becks. YOU ARE DOING IT AND YOU CAN DO IT! Look, how about you come and stay with me for a few days? We can stick to my boring food plans together go to the gym and work through this?


The fact that you are looking at McDonalds calories and pizza calories is telling me something and should tell you something too. You are becoming aware of the rubbish, (bad food choices) that we put into our bodies. Look this blog is very deep and I don’t want to discuss this, unless you want to, over an email. There are some very strong issues here that come across and I know because it’s how I felt every day when I was struggling with my own weight problems. “I’m not worth it, I don’t deserve it”. But I know that I do and so do you. So think about coming to stay and we will talk about this on Monday or call me anytime you want to. Think of pizza= think of staying the same way you have always felt= think about how you feel others view you= THINK OF GINGER PIZZA. Chew with your mouth like you are eating the pizza and whilst doing so remember the taste of that lovely wholesome ginger taste in your mouth:) (This was said as Becky hates ginger).


Come on Becks. you can and you ARE DOING THIS. Trust me if I did not think you weren’t worth it or could not do it I would never agree to work alongside you as a team. I turned away a R.E.A.L Client today because, as desperate as she was, she was not ready to conquer her food issues. YOU ARE MADE OF STRONGER STUFF”.



Becky called me and we spoke in length for over 30 minutes. The conversation will remain private but my parting words were as simple as..” take this alone on board. Believe in yourself the way that I do”.

Long day and still typing at 20.52…why? Because I am passionate about helping people like Rebecca, although there are no 2 Rebecca’s!


  • Week 6


So Monday came round. We had been in constant contact over the weekend. We had a very long chat about her email and the way she felt about food. Once again all remains confidential, but we got to the route of the problem after a long time and a few tears. Weigh in time came and to my amazement Becky had not lost any weight. Knowing all her food intake daily this was not possible. The only explanation is that Becky’s fat had turned into muscle, but again, at this stage unlikely. More to do with skipping breakfast and the body going into ‘starvation mode’ and storing the fat. Naturally Becky was very upset and needed kind but firm words to keep her motivated yet not patronized. Aware that Becky had yet another Christmas work dinner on Wednesday I was worried about her going out too much so early on. Although we had gone through the venue in question menu and picked the healthiest food choices I was all too aware that drink would sabotage her weight loss. But instead of giving Becky a daily food plan I now devised a programme for her where she had a certain amount of food choices for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This was a risk but we went through everything together and Becky chose her daily meals with me. We were due to go to the gym together as previously arranged so off we went to Henfield Leisure Centre. Aware that Becky’s heart rate had to be monitored at all times we had a great workout side by side. Not me showing Becky what to do and then just standing there. Oh no….I put myself through the same regime as her…it’s called teamwork! Then as we were leaving we noticed that the trampolines were out in the main hall for after school children. We both looked at each other…went straight to the reception to ask if we could possibly have a go. They said yes and wow what fun we had. It was like being children again and it was a perfect end to the day and boy did we work some muscles jumping around. We went back to my house and Becky was now feeling far better emotionally. Got a text from Becky later on asking if she could stay the night on Tuesday with me. This is quite rare but it is a service we offer to help support our R.E.A.L Clients…yes we go beyond the call of duty!



Becky arrived at my house at 7pm. I had cooked a special meal, albeit a tad too spicy, for us. We ate and talked. I know that Becky finds dealing with food so much easier when she is not alone and we had a great night watching rubbish on TV and chatting.  Becky left on Wednesday morning ready to go and see Carol and work out before her big night out. Becky kindly called me after her workout with Carol to say how great she felt even though she felt like crying at one point with the pain in her legs. Carol did an amazing job and it totally lifted Becky emotionally. The only down side was that Becky went on to drink too many units of alcohol that night which cost her in calories. Having said  that Becky got right back on track and really lowered her own calorific intake the following day. We had several emails going back and forth and I warned Becky that from today onwards I was going to be very strict with her food intake and at the same time be there to support her if she needed to stay for support.


Then the slip ups continued. I got this email from Becky.

Sent: 15 December 2012 20:12
Subject: RE: heyho
“hey, hope your good Sam!! diary for today is as follows…
4tbsp bran flakes and 100 ml milk, 1 tomato and basil weight watchers soup and 1 slice of wholemeal bread. 1 chicken noodle soup with 1 slice of wholemeal bread with 1 tsp of proactive spread on it. one satsuma and one apple. AND… 3 ginger nuts… and one McVities chocolate digestive… don’t hate me!!
okay cool, all sins confessed… I’m off out!! speak later Sam xx

I responded immediately but knew what was about to happen, “Of course I don’t hate you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUT…….all this goes live come January Becks. I am alone for tomorrow night if you need to stay”.

The hardest part was that Becky was not communicating with me as she should have done. By sending an email and heading straight out it meant that Becky was not thinking before acting and habits were not changing. The main reason for the struggle is that this has been a lifetime habit and not one that Becky had  ever really broken yet. Habits are really hard to break as they become a sort of reliable crutch for us to lean on. All addictions are the same, they are linked to a core of emotions which also need to be addressed alongside the addiction. But without Becky’s commitment this was a saddening email that I knew would follow.

Sent: 15 December 2012 23:49

To: Samantha Rentz CEO & Founder

Subject: Relapse central…


“Hey Sam you okay?


I messed up tonight. My mate wanted to go to a pub for pudding and I took her and ended up having 4 mini doughnuts. I’m so annoyed at myself for doing it, sitting here thinking why? I keep thinking of all the things I dream of doing when I’m slim, so why do I screw up. Why isn’t the thought of being slim and healthy stopping me from eating?  I don’t want you to be disappointed If I don’t lose or even gain, because that’s what I’m expecting and have come to terms with it. I know the night out screwed me up, and I don’t regret doing it (well I regret going so overboard with the drinks) but I think part of me accepted that the drinking messed me up so am struggling to be super strict afterwards. I’m determined from tomorrow onwards, it’s a new week and I’m going let this rubbish past me. I want to  change, already I feel so much better from losing 1 stone 8lbs… I want that feeling to continue. Okay well I just wanted to fess up, this doesn’t need a reply. I just needed to vent, and I’m trying this whole honesty approach, already I feel better and less guilty. I’m going to  bed now because I’m back at work tomorrow, but I’ll speak to you soon. Night xx” Sent from my BlackBerry® smartphone.

To say that my heart sank was an understatement, both for myself but mainly for Becky. Whilst glad that it helped her to confess and writing is always cathartic, it simply was not good enough. I cannot be with Clients 24 hours a day as it is down to them wanting to change their life. Whilst offering all the help in the world it is impossible to help someone if they don’t want to help themselves.  Breaking lifelong habits is hard and requires REAL dedication. Time for drastic measures with Becky now.

I decided to put Becky on a 3 day detox starting on the 17/12/2012. I sent Becky an email the night before with all the instructions and ingredients. She texted me saying that it felt like a punishment. I explained that it was not but I needed to cleanse her body for 3 days. The other reason was to  stop the ‘hand to mouth’ comfort eating and replace everything with juices and smoothies. All worked out cleverly to ensure that each drink had enough vitamins and nutrients to maintain her strength. She was due at my house on the 17/12/2012 but had asked not to be weighed for fear of disappointment, however I am not happy with this at all but agreed to ensure that she stayed motivated. Then up popped this on facebook:)

Rebecca's 1st day on a detox

Well at least she was doing it but the test gets harder.

  • Week 7


1pm on 17/12/2012 Becky arrived. We had a long talk about the detox and about removing the hand to mouthy comfort habit and Becky was insistent that she could do it. However I explained that in order for me to see how much weight she would lose this week I had to weigh her and agreed that I would not show her the results. On she stepped and wow……even on her slip ups she had still lost weight. Becky was now 18 stone 13lbs and under 19 stone. I showed her immediately and the biggest grin spread over her face:) We talked about the whole guilt issue over 5 biscuits and that the reality was that even though she should have resisted it was not as if she had gone out and had a stuffed crust 12 inch pizza…it was just 150 calories of food. Becky explained that she had a huge feeling of guilt every time that she ate because she did not feel worthy of food. A common trait with food addictions. She agreed to write down her guilt in future because she could not vocalise it. We went off to Henfield leisure centre to play tennis. Baring in  mind that Becky is extremely unfit she managed to play tennis for a whole 45 minutes and burnt off 333 calories. Admittedly I am extremely bad at tennis and I think we burnt off most of the calories by running around and picking up the balls that we kept missing! We had great fun, which is what exercise should all be about and laughed a lot at each other’s appalling tennis skills.


We came back and I gave Becky a juicing machine to use. At 5.30 pm Becky called me to ask if the juicer machine should make such a noise as she was scared it was about to blow up. Did make me laugh though. Next up popped a picture on Facebook. This may not seem important but it was another big step for Becky. Opening up and posting about what she was and was not eating was new ground for her but also allowed her friends to motivate and congratulate her. Days like today make my job worth all the sweat and tears.


19/12/2012. Becky checked in to say that she had managed a whole 2 days on the detox diet without any slip ups. Way to go Becky!

Juice #2... Spinach, apples and avocado. Taste test = really quite nice! (Except for the spinach aftertaste...


I have been in constant contact with Becky and today we spoke again. Becky is finally making the right choices! Aware that she was going out tonight she wanted to ensure that she was full up enough before going out to avoid temptation. We agreed on a grilled chicken breast with new potatoes and lots of vegetables. Becky is keen to have a weight loss of 5lbs this week to get to a total weight loss of 2 stone before Christmas and within 8 weeks. Fingers crossed for tonight.

  •  Week 8


So Becky arrived and even when I opened the door I could see a difference in her face and skin. We were both really excited about this week’s weigh in. We had a long chat about her week and she fessed up that she had had 2 yorkshire puddings and a roast potato last night, costing her an extra 200 calories. I took her measurements and Becky has lost 4 inches off her hips in 8 weeks! I weighed Becky and she had lost 4lbs which she was disappointed at as she had set a goal of 5lbs to make it 2 stone weight loss in 2 months. It could have been the slip up last night that cost her that extra pound. Aware that she was deflated I explained that she was only 1lb off losing 2 stone in 2 months and that her period could have caused her to gain anywhere between 1-6 lbs. She said it was ok but having that goal had really helped her so we set another goal for her to lose 7lbs by February 2nd. Proof of Becky’s weight loss

Weight loss results


Wednesday 26th December email from Becky…the one I was dreading.

‘Hey! well I hope your Christmas turned out okay in the end, I read your Facebook status, what a disaster! Mine went well :) okay well here is the diary as requested. Urrmm… remember, I was given special permission! lol and I made the most of it… lol


2x butchers sausages

2x butchers bacon

3 slices of roasted ham

2x slices of turkey

1 tbsp of sausage meat stuffing

4 sprouts

cabbage, runner beans, sweetcorn

3 x roast potatoes (done in goose fat)

1 tbsp of mash

2x sausages in bacon

1 tbsp potato bake

4 x yorkshire puddings

3 x mince pies

50 ml of double cream

3 x little twix celebtration chocolates

2 slices of warburtons white bread

1 x strongbow

2 pts of lemonade


That’s just for yesterday!! haha its disgusting reading it back you know. I think I’ve got everything. And you thought it would be 1500 kcals!! lol and here is xmas eve (I may have gone a lil off the rails…)


1 x tin of co-op healthy choice tomato and three bean soup, 1 wholemeal roll

dinner – small chicken breast, broccoli and carrots and 3 new potatoes.

1 x Marks and Spencers yum yum

6 x Sainsbury’s cocktail sausages

2 x shortbread fingers

2 x small sausage roll

1 slice of ham and cheese pizza

2x pork and pickle pie




And today


about 2pm felt like I could eat so I had a weight watchers tomato soup with 1 wholemeal roll. later I’ll be having the same but a chicken noodle soup with the roll.


Breath a sign of relief now it’s off my chest, I’m looking forward to knowing the calories just out of interest really!!



OMG…my heart sank. When I said Becky could eat on Christmas day I had not envisaged her eating enough for the UK! As requested I sent Becky her calorie intake, as follows:


’3 mince pies was 765 cals alone:( a total of 3, 117 cals. This is not looking good Becky at all on Xmas day……


As expected I received an email straight back because Becky did not like the figures.

‘Oh well Sam… I knew what I was doing, I am not going to get depressed or guilty about something that we both knew I was doing all along, okay? I’m back on it today so that’s all that I care about Sent from my BlackBerry® smartphone

In fact don’t bother telling me the calories because I’m not interested!! Lol right I’m getting ready for work, speak tomorrow x Sent from my BlackBerry® smartphone’


Ok so Becky was angry with herself now. I did not hear back even though I texted every day until the 29th December when Becky sent me a text about not being able to do her weekly meeting and weigh in and asking if she could skip a week to get back on track. This was exactly what I was expecting and then I got this email:


Sent: 29 December 2012 17:04

Subject: please do not respond tonight


food diary for yesterday


one can of co-op healthy living tomato and three bean soup with one wholemeal roll and 1 tsp of spread.

1 chicken shish kebab with a pitta bread and lettuce and mayo



I’m struggling with the pressure from people. It’s been hard these last few days getting back on track, there is still food all around me, and I feel like I missed out on Christmas a little because these f****** nights so it’s a little depressing.

Carol gave me exercises to do, ones that she emailed me, there is about 6 different ones and it includes 3 ten minute sessions A DAY of raising my heart rate. She just text me to see how I’m doing with them, but I haven’t done it once since I saw her, I could blame it on nights, and Christmas but the truth is I just can’t be bothered. Sam will be waiting on my food diary, and will text me before long, and I’m going to have to admit I had a chicken kebab last night. I’ve lost drive over the Christmas season, and I can only hope that it comes back after new year. Losing weight and being slim is the only thing I want, all I need in life to just be  happy so I don’t know what my problem is, I should be able to find the motivation.

Maybe it’s because I feel like it’s useless, that no matter what we do I will still be big, if just don’t believe that I can be ten stone, and lose all the weight. It’s too big of a task for me. If I was capable of things like that I wouldn’t be fat in the first place. I f****** HATE food, I hate it soo much. For having this f****** power over me, it’s not even power, it just I’m pathetic and weak. I’m so angry with myself. I’m not weighing in this week, partly because I’m leaving for Oxford when I wake up, but also because I don’t think I can face Sam right now. Firstly because I don’t want to have a weight gain, it would kill me. it feels like I have put on weight everywhere, and that my face is all fat again. And secondly because I don’t want to talk about how I’m feeling right now, its temporary, and I just want to see her in the new year when I’m feeling stronger and back on track mentally. I’m scared that this feeling is permanent though, and that I will never be able to find the motivation I need. I’m scared I will be like this forever.


I wrote this down, thinking it would make me feel better, but it didn’t. so maybe you should read it. I’m sure tomorrow I will feel differently, and I don’t want you to be over worried, I think it probably all comes from guilt. I just want to get Christmas in my distant memories and be back on track again, new year will be a good turning point I know it. I’ll get these horrid nights and new year’s over and done with, then it will be fine. I want to be in the 17 stone for February, for both me and you. just struggling to put Christmas behind me without feeling guilty as f***. Okay, night Sam xx

I immediately responded via email:

From: Samantha Rentz, CEO & Founder

Sent: 29 December 2012 17:30

To: ‘rebecca morris’

Subject: Can’t help but respond when I hear you calling out!


Ok. Christmas is not 1 day Becky as we both know. I understand that you can’t be bothered as unless you have continual support and someone you can share it with it becomes a chore…trust me..I know! Kebab indeed. Weight loss in itself is not motivation enough, if it was the nation would be fitter! It does seem like a long road to hit your goal weight and there will be many hiccups along the way. BUT, you have to remember that you have already lost almost 2 stone in 8 weeks so it is possible and YOU WON’T ALWAYS BE BIG!

You are not weak or pathetic Becky, it’s just that you are trying to change the habit of your entire life. …….comfort eating.

I understand that you don’t want to talk about it right now but that’s half the problem. By ignoring it and not sharing it makes you feel more alone and eat instead of confronting your emotions.

The new year means nothing. Almost all new year’s resolutions fail within 3 weeks…FACT. It’s about tomorrow being a new start, not be new number…aka 2013.

There will always be times that you will battle but somehow it does get easier, with the right support and motivation.

Over the next few days I seriously want you to think about how I can help you better, what support you need and how we can work through this together.

Be kind to yourself Becky. As Robert would say, ‘shall I go and get a branch so that you can beat yourself up some more’?

We don’t do perfect or normal! Just for the record…I knew this email was coming! You seem to forget that you are working with someone that was 25 stone Becky myself. I have been there and know all the signs, emotions and hardships that we face.


Becky responded:


—–Original Message—–

From: rebecca morris

Sent: 29 December 2012 17:38

To: Samantha Rentz CEO & Founder

Subject: Re: Can’t help but respond when I hear you calling out!


From the sounds of it Sam I haven’t even hit the hard bit yet, you’ve warned me that things get worse and I have got to work harder. I’m struggling now, so how am I supposed to do it? Of course I’ll try, but I’m just scared it won’t be enough. Well, today is a new day for me, I do feel better talking about it. I’m sticking to soup for now, but I think I’m going have to seriously consider having a few more of the options on the list because its becoming too repetitive xx Sent from my BlackBerry® smartphone


—–Original Message—–

From: Samantha Rentz, CEO & Founder

Sent: 29 December 2012 17:46

To: ‘rebecca morris ‘

Subject: RE: Can’t help but respond when I hear you calling out!


It only gets tougher because you have to exercise a whole lot more…something we both hate doing! You are struggling now because you are trying to do this alone. Your stomach got used to you eating over Christmas and therefore you feel more hungry. BUT you were eating like that every day calorie wise remember, and you won’t be again for quite some time if I have anything to do with it:) If you try with all your might it will be enough. The mind is a powerful tool and I need to work with you to change how your mind works. As I said before you cannot live on soup alone. Maybe a 3 day detox and then branflakes or Albran, (YUCK), Sandwich for lunch either 2 slices wholemeal bread, no spread, 2 slices of wafer thin ham, salad and mustard, or wholemeal roll filled with salad, low fat cottage cheese and salt and pepper. Dinner I can come up with 5 recipes that serve 4 servings so you can alternate and freeze some ready for use?



Becky responded by asking me to send her a chicken recipe of mine which I have done. Still working on a Saturday night at 18.34!


I was aware that with the New Year coming up that Becky was going to see family and she was going a whole week without our weekly session and weigh in and to be honest I was very worried. On the 31st December 2012 I asked Becky for her food diary via email but heard nothing, (always a worry) until this email from Becky on the 1st January 2013;


—–Original Message—–

From: rebecca morris

Sent: 01 January 2013 20:44

To: Samantha Rentz CEO & Founder

Subject: Re: ermm


Hey sorry I forgot!! I’ve been in Oxford at a party, got back about 5am. Ok when is the last diary you had? I went mental over new years but this is it you know. Okay so I ate some beef noodles at red star in Oxford yesterday, first thing I ate all day. Drank… 3 pear ciders, 2x Smirnoff apple vodkas with sprite, 3 apple souz shots, 1 sambuca shot, 1 tequila shot, 1 Malibu and coke. Then I ate 6 chicken strippers from chicken cottage all drunk with a portion of chips. Today… Chicken and bacon burger from all bar one restaurant in Oxford with a large Pepsi. And a tea… So yeah… The truth and nothing but. Tomorrow I’m back on it dw!!! Hope your new year was good xx Sent from my BlackBerry® smartphone


Don’t worry, (dw) but I was really worried as the drinking and beef noodles had cost Becky a whopping  3460 calories!!! I was ready to start pulling my own hair out! So I sent Becky a firm email reminding her of our partnership and asking if she was serious about continuing. Wednesday 2nd January food diary come in and it was back on track but keeping a very close eye on her now. A few more slip ups continued like a few drinks and slipping in the extra new potato and so when Monday 7th Jan came round I was very nervous.

  • Week 10


Becky arrived today at 4pm for her weekly chat and weigh in. Since we had both agreed I had put Becky back on daily food plans so that she was not left to deviate in any way shape or form. We went over the next 7 days of food to make sure that she was happy with it. We had a long chat and Becky agreed that 2 weeks without seeing me was too much. She was dreading the weigh in and measurements so I agreed not to show her. To my amazement she had not gained any weight but remained at 18 stone 9lbs. Considering her huge calorific intake over the last 2 weeks it was a miracle that Becky  had not gained any weight. Becky said that she was joining her old gym again on the 22nd January with a friend and was aiming to attend 3 times a week as well as going to classes and also playing squash once a week. She seemed motivated like she was 10 weeks ago and was determined to get into the 17 stone weight bracket by February the 2nd.


We emailed daily and then on the 10/01/2013 Becky emailed me as follows:


—–Original Message—–

From: rebecca morris 

Sent: 10 January 2013 01:17

To: Samantha Rentz CEO & Founder 

Subject: Re: Food please


Hey Sam hope your well! I’ve been following the food plan this week but it’s been a struggle. I had a few biscuits today, I don’t what’s wrong with me? I’m thinking maybe I could come like stay with you for a few nights next week to help me maybe? It’s up to you. I mean if I didn’t I would be in and out working and things, buts it’s a thought. I really want to hit that 17 stone and I think I might help having your direct mentoring and fitness advice using runtastic apps not to go off the rails… Let me know tomorrow. I know it’s a huge ask but I know with you there pushing my fitness levels up and eating together and cooking healthy recipes together I can do this? Xx Sent from my BlackBerry® smartphone


I replied straight away:


—–Original Message—–

From: Samantha Rentz, CEO & Founder

Sent: 10 January 2013 09:43

To: ‘rebecca morris ‘

Subject: RE: Food please


Hi Rebecca,


Of course you can stay as long as you need to! I will be working some of the time and have a few afternoon appointments but that’s fine. Shall we say Monday 5.30pm weigh in and then stay from then onwards? It will be vegetable curry and my special tandoori chicken meals every night! So bring some food as sent separately. That’s it……oh and a squash racquet, your runtastic watch and trainers!


Be prepared for a healthy REAL runtastic week!






Waiting for Becky to arrive and have cleared out anything and everything not within her weeks food plan out of the house. Curious to see if Becky has lost any weight and a tad nervous. I have devised a week’s food that we will both be eating as well as ensuring that we burn 500 calories a day through exercise…REAL boot camp week! Becky is going to Zumba with her Mum tomorrow evening and I have booked and paid for boxercise at Steyning leisure Centre on Wednesday, Urban Rebounding for Friday morning and booked a squash court. We will be walking 3 miles a day…not told Becky yet and going to the gym every day as well. So here goes a mad week but I need to get Becky into the 17 stone region in 2 weeks.

  • Week 11

Becky arrived and we had our weekly meeting. Becky had stuck to the food diaries but admitted that she had been emotionally eating as well. Things like biscuits, crisps and sausage rolls…the same Christmas culprits. We had the weigh in and Becky had lost 2 lbs making her total weight loss in 11 weeks of 2 stone 1lb. Finally we were getting to same weight Becky had got to after 6 months at Slimmers world! We had vegetable chilli and salad for dinner, watched USA Biggest Losers and went to bed. Got up on Tuesday, which we chose to be a fasting day and Becky had scrambled eggs with 50g ham and lemon water. So now the trick was to keep busy as we were skipping lunch and dinner was not going to be substantial although healthy and full of nutrition.

We went on a long walk for 45 minutes and spent a further hour clearing out my garage to keep Becky busy, burn calories and not think about food all day





So we spent the day doing an hour’s walk and a further hour clearing out my garage and competing with our runtastic watches and heart rate monitors to see how many calories we had burned. Obviously I had to do some work but it was a relatively easy day in terms of dealing with hunger on a fasting day. We burnt a combined calorie loss of 999 calories! We actually managed very well with a calorie food intake of less than 500 calories during the day. Having said that we were both looking forward to dinner which was a chicken stir fry which we made together. Whilst we felt hungry and once the meal was ready we did not feel the urge to eat fast. We ate slowly and enjoyed every mouthful with our chopsticks, ( another strategy for slowing down the process of eating). We even forgot about the need to eat our allowed 1 tangerine afterwards! I had to attend to my other R.E.A.L Clients whilst Becky chilled out before her Zumba Class. I really thought that Becky would not attend as we had eaten a small amount and done so much exercise…………………….BUT…………she did! She is currently burning off another 500 calories as I type this blog. I defy anyone not to commend her willpower considering that she has to wake up at 05.15 to ensure that she gets to work tomorrow morning! A great day in so many aspects. Mainly because Becky also came to see me in my study stating that she was worried about spending the weekend alone and eating the wrong foods. So I simply suggested that she stayed over the weekend and accept the support when it was offered which she agreed to do. Yet another sign of recognising when she may falter or need REAL support! Day one of REAL bootcamp…….mission accomplished!

So at 20.50 I stop blogging in order to work alongside another REAL Client via Skype before Becky arrives back to the REAL bootcamp to hopefully fall asleep peacefully having completed a very tough day!


Becky went to work and had a normal food day but still only consumed less than 600 calories. When she came home we had vegetable chilli and watched USA Biggest Losers, (seems to be Becky’s favourite programme)! Little exercise as work commitments prevented it.


Again Becky went to work and had a normal food day but we tried a fasting, (low calorie dinner) which Becky did not like and to be fair it was not very substantial. Becky admitted that she sulked because she hated it but then handed ME a tangerine which was in our daily allowance. We watched some telly and the had an early night.


10.30am Becky got up and we were meant to go to an urban rebounding class which was cancelled due to the snow. I asked Becky if she would allow me to weigh her and if she wanted to see the results of the past few days of a low calorie diet combined with exercise. She got on the scales and had lost 6lbs in 4 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Becky was now 18 stone 1lb the lowest she had ever weighed. I have to say it was an amazing result and I was so happy for her. So today we going for a walk and having a fasting day and doing some boxing. Becky will be in the 17 stone region by next week. Rock on. Time to start thinking about setting up a R.E.A.L official bootcamp where 3 Clients can come and stay and lose a guaranteed 1/2 a stone in less than a week.

Weight loss results

Then Becky changed her Facebook profile picture:)
Rebecca Morris loses 35lbs in less than 12 weeks
  • Week 12

So we went for a walk in the snow and Becky was not too happy with me but when she updated her calories burnt onto the runtastic website via her runtastic watch she so was happy that she had burned over 700 calories during the walk. Due to the weather and roads, Becky decided to head home as she was due out that evening with friends. We had a stern chat about not sabotaging all her good work and remembering that, now armed with her next week’s menu plan, that she would be in the 17 stone region by weigh-in next Wednesday as long as she stuck rigidly to my food plans as well as doing 30 minutes a day of exercise. As I sit here typing at 19.09 I see a picture pop up on Facebook:) She was doing her food properly. If you had told Becky 12 weeks ago that she would be eating a healthy dinner and even looking forward to it she would have laughed!

Rebecca's Health cooking


Obviously Becky and I stayed in constant contact throughout the week and she was very positive. No slip ups occurred other than a mouthful of jam roly-poly at her Mum’s on Sunday the 20th. Sent via text to say that ‘she knew what she was doing, LOL’!!!!

Becky arrived at midday and she was so excited. We had a long chat and a major breakthrough. Becky admitted that she had got in the car to drive to McDonald’s  but stopped midway and turned around! I asked her why and she said that she had felt she did not want to either let me down or all the hard work she had put in the previous week. She also stated that she was getting used to drinking lemon water and that, whilst she still craved sweet drinks, that the smell of sugar coming from the sweet drinks made her aware of what she might now be putting into body! Weigh in time came and to both our horror Becky was 18 stone 3lbs! A weight gain of 2lbs. This was not possible and Becky was devastated. We had a few tears and a long talk about the benefits of staying with me and the strict food and exercise plan and the benefits of it combined. Becky had still played Badmington on Saturday but needed to keep doing daily exercise. I could not possibly let Becky leave feeling so low so I asked her to come and stay for a while to battle through this together. She agreed and left with a shopping list for us both and will be returning tomorrow after she has taken her car in for an M.O.T. The next weigh in will be 17 stone if it kills us both!


So Becky arrived in the afternoon and when I asked about her food last night she confessed that she had gone out and got drunk on Strongbow and ate a burger and fries, ( a massive 4230 calories when worked out).This was expected for 2 reasons a) because she felt like giving up after yesterday’s weigh in and b) a common problem, knowing that she would be staying with me at R.E.A.L bootcamp, Clients often binge the day before. Becky did feel bad and as a result she felt the need to punish herself by starving herself all day before arriving at my house. I explained that we needed to avoid the ‘feast and famine’ cycle and that we needed to learn how to do corrective eating to counteract any bad food choices made in a previous day, rather than starvation! However Becky cooked herself a tortilla/pizza and loved the meal. Becky had to be up for work early for the next 3 days so it was an early night.

The following day Becky went to work and came home to a no-carb Chicken Caesar salad which she really enjoyed. Again another early night and back to work the following day. I started to prepare Becky’s dinner, marinated Asian Steak and Asian salad, (376 calories) at about 7.45pm as Becky usually got home at about 8.20pm. However at 7.50pm I got a call from Becky to state that she was with a friend and would be home later. A tad disappointed as I had made her dinner and felt that this might be an excuse to eat out I agreed. When Becky got home after 9pm I explained that she could not eat steak so late but that I had made her a light sandwich instead. Becky declined and went straight to bed. To say that I was concerned is a fact as there was no way that Becky could have just eaten branflakes and soup and forgone any dinner. I let it go however as I was tired and had a full day of exercise with another R.E.A.L Client all day on Sunday.


Becky is expected home in about 20 minutes and instead of preparing her dinner I have left all the ingredients out on the side. Personally I have spent over 2 hours in the gym with my Client, walked 3 miles and done a runtastic  squats. Every part of my own body hurts and I have a full week of non-stop work approaching so hoping for an early night with Becky and we will see what tomorrow’s weigh tells us how much weight Becky has actually lost in the last 4 days. To say that I am nervous is an understatement! I really hope that she is in the 17 stone region tomorrow so I need to forward plan if she is not.

  • Week 13


So weigh in time happened and to say that I was nervous was an understatement. Mainly because Becky had been working and not been able to do any exercise over the past 4 days. Becky stepped onto the scales and to my amazement she was NOW 17 stone and 12lbs! Becky was in a place where she had never been before weight wise and it felt so good I had to hold back the tears. So a total weight loss in 13 weeks of 2 stone and 10lbs. This was a great day and Becky left armed with a new lease of life:)


We keep in touch even though Becky was working through texts and Becky did really well with her food. Even though Becky was not due in until Monday for a weigh in she wanted to be weighed today as she was hoping to have lost 3 stone exactly in 13 weeks. Weigh in came and Becky had lost 2lbs making her total weight lost 2 stone and 12lbs. Obviously Becky was disappointed but she was only 1 week off and 3lbs off losing 3 stone in 14 weeks. We had a long chat and took some photos as below to show her facial loss of weight alone. In 13 weeks Becky had lost 4 and a half inches off her chest, 7 inches off her waist and 5 inches off her hips!

And here is what Rebecca looks like now!

Just look at Rebecca now!

Then up popped this new Facebook profile picture on Becky’s wall:) -40lbs weight loss in 13 weeks!

-40lbs weight loss in 13 weeks



  • Week 15


Becky came to see me for her weekly weigh in even though she had been weighed on Friday. We had a long chat and she had been so adamant to lose 3 stone that she had worked overtime and really not eaten very well. Through our session she explained that she had had to watch a video of herself at work and no longer cringed at doing so. She said that her appetite had decreased and that she could now really feel the benefits of having lost some weight. Her energy had gone up and she said that she loved getting compliments from people about how great she was looking and that even her trousers were baggy:) Becky said she was so nervous about the weigh in that she had not showered for fear of retaining some water. Now this may sound funny but actually it is very serious. The trouble with food, and all addictions, is that it never leaves you. The trouble with food addiction is that it is very easy to slip to the opposite end of the spectrum. Having been overweight myself and then becoming a bulimic I am all too aware how we learn to control our food to the extreme. I explained to Becky that she needed to eat more protein as she complained that she was feeling tired and that she should ensure that her diet was healthy and that it should not be regimented. Becky has fallen in love with a pizza recipe that I gave her that comes in at less than 300 calories. Whilst Becky felt that this food was tasty and was working for her she cannot live on pizza every night, no matter how healthy it might be. So I typed up the recipes for an Asian Steak Salad and a no carbohydrate Chicken Caesar salad, both of which are less than 300 calories, whilst she was here in order for her to buy the ingredients to make a protein dinner for her that night.

So weigh happened and Becky had lost 3 stone and 1lb in 15 weeks! Becky was now 17 stone and 7lbs. To say that we were over the moon was an understatement!

This the proof


This was a predicted weight loss by my data for the 2nd February so I was delighted. Obviously we never disclose the predictions but safe to say that all the hard work that goes into checking the data daily is a proven track record. Some may argue that Becky’s weight loss has been very rapid but I stand out with the fact that with the first 5 stone weight loss a Client needs to see tangible results. Obviously the hardest part is yet to come as once Becky loses 5 stone she will need to exercise every day and losing weight will become harder. If a long term Client only loses 1-3lbs a week it spells disaster and they quickly give up. Becky and I had a long talk about my methods and she also agreed that without having seen such quick results that she would have given up and not seen that it can be done. We still have 7 stone and 7lbs to lose but Becky can now actually see this as a reality. Becky’s only concern was that she might change personality wise! But when we talked further Becky said that what she really wanted to do was to help others and she realised that if she could achieve her 10 stone weight loss that nothing was impossible.


  • Week 16

Becky was due to come to me on the 11th Feb for her weigh in but due to the fact that she had been working nights for 7 nights in a row she slept in. So we arranged that she came to see me on Wednesday the 13th February. We had kept in touch via texts and calls and Becky called me to ask that she came to see me before attending a funeral on the Wednesday. However, she also stated that she had weighed herself at the gym and said that was disappointed. Once again I asked Becky not to weigh herself unless it was on our weigh in days. The reasons for this is that weighing it not simply numbers and a quick clap. R.E.A.L deals with the support and emotions over weigh in so that we can monitor Clients in a safe environment. I sent Becky the following text on 12th Febuary at 17.48

” What time is the funeral over tomorrow Becky? I ask because i am concerned that food might be an issue once you have had your weigh in in the morning. Is there any chance of you doing it in the evening after the funeral so that there is no temptation with food after the funeral? Also please don’t weigh yourself alone. It’s not just about numbers, it’s about support and encouragement which makes R.E.A.L different as you know.”

Becky responded via text:

” Ideally I want to spend the evening with family, but yeah food is an issue. Just hoping that family will be really nice about my weight loss and it will stop me. The weigh in I was not going to tell you about, I just always get so nervous about seeing you so thought if I got an idea myself it would help to prepare me. I will be there at 10.30am tomorrow.x”


My response was as follows:

“Never get nervous Becky, trust in the food choices you have made all week and there will be a weight loss. Ok see you at 10.30am and just remind yourself that any bad food choices are easily made so just be aware. It might be an idea to pack a no-carb Caesar Salad and take it with you so that you have eaten and will feel full and less tempted? xx”

Becky’s response:

“Last night when I couldn’t sleep I went out driving. I used my last £10 and thought **** it. I drove to 2 different Tesco’s and ASDA with the intention of getting chicken nuggets. But I couldn’t make myself get out of the car. So I thought I would go to McDonalds. I drove there, fully intended to get as much as I could afford, but in the end just drove straight past the drive-through thinking what am I doing? My point is that it is getting a lot easier to say no, I don’t want to sabotage anymore, so you don’t need to worry too much. Tomorrow will be a hard day, but I have got family around me and I’m sure it will be ok in the end. It’s just another Christmas, want to get it over and done with. xx”


To say that I was amazed was an understatement. To have driven to 4 separate locations with the intention of bingeing but then had the will power to say no was a huge step forward :)

So Becky arrived at 10.40am on the 13th February. We had a long chat and I have to say that her physical appearance was different and Becky looked great. Becky also said that she had ordered a pair of jeans at a size 20 thinking that she could work her way into them, but to her amazement they were too big! So weigh in time Becky had lost another 5 lbs in a week…PROOF THAT NOT ALL WEIGHING MACHINES ARE CORRECT! Becky had also lost another inch on her chest and hips. We are now 3lbs short of reaching the 16 stone region.


Then sure enough up this popped on Facebook as Rebecca changed her profile picture again:)

  • Week 17


We had remained in constant contact but Becky had been working night shifts and when she arrived we had a long talk. Becky explained that she had found it hard to remain motivated and has had several slip ups. I could see that Becky was nervous about being weighed. Having spoken in great depth about her ‘slip ups’ during the week I quickly identified that whilst Becky had not made the best food choices that the reality was she always felt guilty about eating full stop. I explained that having a small bowl of beef curry was not as bad as it seemed and that she had to start to realise that a slip up was not the end of the world. Becky’s fear was that she had not been able to exercise and felt that she had put on weight. She also expressed a concern that she now looked horrible in her work clothes because they were baggy on her now! This was obviously due to her weight loss but also the fact that she was out of her comfort zone.

So we had the weigh in and Becky had not put on weight but, even with her slip ups, still managed to lose 1lb making her total weight loss 3 stone and 7lbs in 17 weeks. Becky was delighted and we agreed that by next Monday she WOULD be in the 16 stone region without fail. She left motivated and fingers crossed for Monday’s weigh in as well as R.E.A.L bootcamp for Becky next week to get her down to 16 stone 8lbs!

  • Week 18


Becky arrived for her weekly meeting looking fabulous. She felt positive about today’s weigh in so without much ado we weighed Becky. Becky was NOW IN THE 16 STONE REGION, weighing 16 stone and 13 lbs! A total of 51 lbs weight loss in 18 weeks. Even though Becky had been working nights she had still managed to play an hour of squash and an hour of badmington on Saturday and Sunday. Becky said she was going out tonight to the pub, always a concern, but I asked her to put corrective eating back in plan tomorrow if she consumed too many calories through alcohol tonight. Becky is also planning to attend R.E.A.L bootcamp in the next few weeks in order to lose 6 lbs in 4 days.



  • Week 19

Becky went to visit her sister in Germany so could not attend on the 4th. She sent me a text on the evening of the 10th March saying that she was really nervous about the weigh in as she had not made good food choices whilst away.  However, she stated that in general she had been ok with food most of the time but was terrified that bad food choices and no exercise that she would have gained weight. I am writing this in advance of her weigh in because I suspect that she has not lost much weight but pretty sure that she has not gained weight. I say this because of Becky’s continual guilt and fear every time she eats any food and compares her food intake to be as bad as it was 19 weeks ago when she was consuming almost 4000 calories a day. She forgets about the fact that whilst she may have bad days that she puts into place corrective food choices the following days. I hope I am not wrong here!!!

  • Week 20

11/03/2013- 12pm

Well Becky arrived and we had a chat and weigh in time happened. Sure enough Becky had lost another 5lbs and now a total weight loss of 4 stone in 20 weeks. I let Becky know that I had predicted that her fear was in her mind and that with her educational corrective eating knowledge that any weight gain was not possible.




Week 21


Becky had been working nights for the past week and therefore not had any opportunity to exercise however she had still lost 2lbs and now weighed 16 stone 6lbs , (-58lbs in total). Becky said that she would be playing badmington, squash and going to the gym at least 3 times this week to get down to 16 stone 2 lbs by next Monday.

Week 22


Becky and I had keep in touch but I was getting increasingly worried about the photos being posted on Facebook of her clearly out most nights surrounded by food and alcohol in the photos. Becky sent me a text on the 27th to say that she could not face weigh in as she had been making such bad food choices. I called her and explained that it was vital that we met up to discuss the issue to get back on track. So she arrived at 2pm. We had a long chat and she explained that she had been eating take-aways most nights and was finding it hard to get back on track. I decided that I needed to put Becky on a total 4 day detox, which involved 6 smoothies a day to break the hand to mouth scenario and get her back on track. We did the weigh in and Becky asked not to see the results as she feared she had put on at least 1/2 a stone. I asked Becky to look at the scales as she had, for the first time with R.E.A.L put on just 1 lb! We sat down and had a longer chat about how her mind was working. She still equated that anything she ate meant that she had piled on lots of weight, her old mindset. I explained that whilst she had made bad food choices that by doing the exercise class and playing badmington that she had worked off the excess that she probably had put on. It is still a struggle with Becky and her feelings of guilt about eating, no matter what it was. She left motivated and will be doing the 4 day detox .


Becky texted me on Saturday to say that she had started the juicing but due to having gone out for a family meal on Friday night that she was so hungover that she lost will power and had had a bad food choice. I said to start again on Sunday and to do a whole 6 days of detox and come and see me on Friday.

Up popped these pictures on Facebook…she was indeed doing it:)




Week 23

Rebecca was due to come and see me on Friday 5th April. However, she had a manic day and did not turn up. She did send me a text to say that she was sorry. I have to be honest and admit that I was slightly annoyed for 2 reasons: 1) because I had wasted 3 solid hours waiting for her to turn up and 2) because this was classic denial behaviour. Becky had obviously being going out and drinking leading to bad food choices and she could not face herself let alone me.

So I left it till Sunday 7th and sent Becky an email asking when she was coming to see me and this was Becky’s response

—–Original Message—–

From: rebecca morris

Sent: 07 April 2013 18:33

To: Samantha Rentz CEO & Founder 

Subject: Re: Meeting


Hi Sam. I’ve wanted to get in contact but was worried you were really angry and annoyed with me. I’m on nights as of tomorrow… I really feel like I want to come stay with you. I’ve lost focus and its getting me down. But I know it’s a lot to ask because  I have been so s*** and you have so much going on. I’m out with a friend right now, are you around this evening to talk?x Sent from my BlackBerry® smartphone

I told Becky to call me. We had a long chat and I explained that whilst I might have been a tad annoyed that I would never say so as a consummate professional. Becky’s biggest fear was that I would drop her as a Client! I assured her that no Client is ever dropped and left to fend their addictions alone with R.E.A.L! Becky was totally honest and said she was really struggling with motivation and had been trying to ignore her ‘bad food choice’ days but yet it was getting out of hand. She said she felt disconnected from me of her own doing and that she felt really low. She asked to come and stay for the whole week from tomorrow. The reason for this was to get her motivated again, lose 6-7lbs, and that she felt it easier when I was here for her to talk to and open up. Naturally I agreed and as I type this I guarantee that at tomorrow’s weigh in she has probably only put on 1 lb!I will be issuing Becky with a food dairy for the next week. Whilst she will be working nights I plan to get Becky out of bed by 3pm every day and do 1 hour of exercise with her daily, which will be a test for her working nights. But I am determined to get her halfway there with a 5 stone weight loss in 25 weeks even if it kills me:) Above and beyond the call of R.E.A.L duty? Yes but if you ask for help you get REAL help!


Week 24


Becky arrived at 1pm and we did a weigh in and as I predicted Becky had only put on another 1 lb. We headed straight to the gym for an hour’s workout burning over 600 calories. Becky prepared her dinner in advance, a tortilla pizza, prior to leaving for work at 6pm. REAL bootcamp has begun!





Well Becky has been here 3 days now and lost 6lbs in 3 days! We have been going to the gym together for an hour a day and really keeping an eye on her food intake. So she is losing 2lbs a day with R.E.A.L bootcamp and by Sunday she will be at her half-way mark. Her mood has improved so much over the last 3 days, infact today it was Becky waiting for me to stop working to get to the gym! She has her confidence back and someone she can talk to which I know really helps with Becky. It also helps her to know that we are eating the same foods, (partnership) that are healthy and all calorie controlled by me and the fact that she loves my 300 calorie pizza recipe.


Week 25



Becky arrived on time! And…she admitted that she had been out last night and made the wrong food choices. BUT..she did not avoid the weigh in and consultation but faced it head on! She had not lost anymore weight which we were both dreading. However, on a positive note we had a long talk. I spoke from the heart and explained that at 23 years old she should be living her life to the maximum and not wasting precious years as I had done. I was not cross but said it how it was. Whilst certain parts of our conversation hit a raw nerve with Becky she made a promise there and then to come back on Monday in the 15 stone region. We devised a new routine for Becky’s weak moments. I asked Becky to go to the gym at 6-8pm at night which is her weak time…..boredom…going out drinking etc. Becky left with her promise and sent me a text at 20.15 saying that my words had made a serious impact and that she would be 15 stone region by Monday. I got a tad emotional seeing the texts but as I type this now I know for sure that come Monday she will be nearly half-way there. It’s amazing how the power of belief in a client can have such a profound effect. The next time I type I will be over the moon and I am sure of it.



Well Becky came to see me today and was really nervous as was I. We went straight into the weigh in and sure enough Becky was now 15 stone 13lbs! She was delighted and I was almost in tears. A whole new Becky and almost half way there now. We had a long talk and she admitted that she had weighed herself last night at work…against all my rules! The scales at work said she had not lost any weight so she had spent the entire night getting stressed out. She had been working nights and yet still managed to go to the gym, play squash etc every day. She left on a very positive note as this was a place Becky had never been and she could never believe that she could even get down to 18 stone let alone 15 stone. She could now really see that she was going to get to 10 stone. Sure enough up popped this new profile picture on Facebook:)

 And here is the proof!



Week 26

Becky had been struggling with her eating due to high emotions and had kept the reason private. After several long texts late at night Becky explained what had been going on. She came to see me on Monday for her weekly session and we had a very long chat. Becky explained that as soon as she had told me via text, she felt the weight lifted from her and had come back fighting…and she was keen to be weighed! So…….BECKY HAD NOW LOST HALF HER WEIGHT and a massive 5 stone and 3 lbs!!!! I could have cried with joy. This was a milestone and we are now approaching the 14 stone region.


Later Becky put this on Facebook for everyone to see:)

After several bumpy weeks… I’ve finally managed to hit 5stone (and 3lb) weight loss, hitting the half way point! Thank you all for your continued support… you lot aren’t that bad really..

I love my job!


Week 27


Becky had been struggling with emotional eating so she asked to come and stay with me for a few days to get back on track. We had a great few days and Becky got her emotional eating back under control. She is coming back on Monday for her weigh in and I hope that she hits the 14 stone region as she will turn 24 tomorrow and is even going on holiday soon!


Becky arrived today for her weigh in and weekly session. After a long chat we stepped on the scales and Becky was now 14 stone 13lbs a loss of 79lbs in total. To say that she was thrilled was an understatement. Fantastic work!



Week 29

Becky had been on holiday and as soon as she got back we spoke. She was nervous that she had gained weight but I said we could deal with it so she agreed to come and see me for her weekly session and arrived at 5pm.


Becky has left and when I weighed her I was not surprised to see that she had infact only gained 1lb. I insisted that she knew as it was once again important that she changed her old mindset. As usual Becky equated eating anything slightly off the radar as really bad, beating herself up and thinking of the old Becky. Sure eating out whilst away were not the greatest of food choices but seriously…to gain 1lb whilst on holiday was forgivable. Becky realised that she had been feeling so guilty that she had lost motivation. Infact she had tried to postpone today until Monday by text but I was adamant that she came over. I had devised a new food plan for next week for Becky to put her back on track and get her motivation back. We went over the new food plan as I explained everything and the reasons for the food choices. Becky left smiling and said she was glad she had come over to chat and be weighed!!!

Then Becky posted this picture up on Facebook saying what a difference a year had made :)


Week 46


It’s been a while since we updated this story but Rebecca has finally reached her goal weight of 10 stone 8lbs. A total loss of 10 stone in 46 weeks!!! Becky’s BMI is now a healthy 23.9! Another very happy R.E.A.L Client :)

And what a difference a year makes!

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