Losing Weight.Is Boxing a Good Body Workout?

Posted by Samantha Rentz on February 4th 2013
  • When analyzing whether or not any exercise is “good,” the real question is “good as compared to what?” In the case of boxing, this vigorous and impactful workout can get you into shape rapidly. However, it carries an intensity, violence and risk of injury that make it a poor choice for some people. Whether it’s a good fit for you will depend on your own priorities, tastes and limitations.

Calories Burned

If your primary workout goal is to lose weight, how many calories an exercise burns is an important consideration. According to fitness resource website, a 155-lb. boxer will burn between 420 and 650 calories in a 60-minute boxing workout, depending on the exact activities in a given session. By comparison, this is more calories than you would burn lifting weights, dancing or doing low-impact aerobics weighing 155 lbs. It’s relative to the burn of moderate jogging, rowing or high impact aerobics. Cross-country skiing, cycle racing and fast jogging all burn more calories in a comparative amount of time.


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