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Posted by Samantha Rentz on October 11th 2013
  • Quit Smoking NOW

Your 50% Stoptober

Discount Code with The Sun



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Wishing you all the best for a healthy Stoptober 2013

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30% of all Quit Smoking Now download payments will go directly to Cancer Research UK.


The Ultimate Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy Download

No pain! No unwanted weight gain! No drugs – 100% safe! Find FREEDOM.

This is a proven quit smoking program – not a generic hypnosis product.

Max Kirsten introduces unique hypnotherapy downloads and hypnosis downloads.

  • Imagine…how healthy you would feel every day if you were no longer taking in cigarette smoke, with all its deadly carcinogenic poisons into your body.
  • Imagine…how much younger, fitter and more attractive you would become if your body’s processes were working to optimise your health and energy, rather than being damaged daily.
  • Imagine…how happy and confident you would feel, knowing that you had lengthened your life by years if not decades, knowing that you had greatly improved your chances of avoiding life threatening illnesses such as lung cancer and heart disease.
  • Imagine…how many extra thousands of pounds you could spend on the things you really love – which would actually improve the quality of your life, and not undermine it.

Just Imagine…

What’s Included

Having helped many thousands of people to quit smoking successfully, Max now brings you the distillation of all that experience in his latest ‘Stop Smoking NOW’ MP3 download programme – a proven technique in three easy steps.

  • Track 1
  • Track 2
  • Track 3
  • Introduction to hypnosis (4.34)
  • Quit Smoking NOW (46.46)
  • NOW that you’ve quit! (Booster Session) (21.29)


Please Note: These hypnotherapy NLP download programs are not CD format, they are MP3 format sound files (which you can then burn to CD if you wish to later) also some programs also contain PDF e-books.

Plus extra bonus material

Stop Smoking For Good – e-Book PDF

Full support e-Book – explaining what’s really hidden in cigarettes – such as 4,000 poisonous chemicals, additives and carcinogenic substances- and how to stay stopped permanently!


  • You will also learn Max’s powerful instant Craving buster technique.

It works in just 30 seconds… Reduces stress! Dissolves any cigarette thought or physical craving in just seconds! This technique REALLY works!


  • Created in a state-of-the art recording studio using Logic PRO digital.
  • Full Stereo Imaging.
  • The latest breakthrough techniques in Advanced Hypnosis.
  • NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) – including latest Future Pacing and Analogue Marking techniques.
  • Background Music – includes Binaural Beat Technology, and encoded (Alpha,Theta, Delta) brainwave entrainment frequencies.
  • This hypnotic MP3 download file includes a short Pre-Talk that explains what hypnosis is, and how hypnosis works.
  • The main Stop Smoking Now MP3 download has a running time of 46.46 minutes in length and is a complete and full hypnotherapy session.
  • Also Includes an extra MP3 Booster session “Now that you’ve quit!”, which has a running time of 21.29. Designed to re-boost your new resolve! Listen to it regularly.

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