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Nutrition gives you strong foundations to build the perfect you – body and mind!


Eating is what we humans do to feed our perfect engine, but what about the computer or brain that governs its every function, which includes our moods, wellbeing, emotions and yes, even our happiness?

What Does It Take To Promote Happiness?

Well, most of the top experts in the field of human behaviour say it is a sense of total contentment, brought about for one thing from a feeling of inner self fulfilment, total well-being lack of worry and anxiety, but not necessarily a lack of money, though enough to maintain your desired life-style. Of course, the reasons for one person’s happiness may be totally different than another and the bottom line is that even the most learned expert or even group of experts cannot give finite answers to this age old question.

So, Is Nutrition One Possible Avenue To Achieving This Goal?

First, let us consider some well known facts, at least by those who make it their life study. We are told that the brain is a powerhouse of electrical energy and a generator that controls all functions of the rest of the body, at least indirectly, to put it simply. So, if it is to function ideally and keep all systems in balance, it requires certain key nutrients, in proper levels on a daily basis. Wow, that’s a tall order, but one that is fairly easy to fill, at least if we properly feed our overall machine.

Then, What Are The Key Nutrients Needed And How Do I Get Them?

Most of us already know that we need protein, carbohydrates and fats to give us energy, rebuild muscle cells and yes, fats to help transport many nutrients to their destinations at a cellular level, along with a few million other needed functions, the main priorities being to supply our brain with the fuel needs to perform its critical tasks. One of these prime functions is to produce Seratonin, which relaxes the muscles in the body for sleep at night and tranquility, for peace of mind, or a feeling of euphoria during the day.

The problem is that we, as a nation do not generally intake the needed Amino Acids, of which, one in particular, L-Tryptophan, when entering the brain, will produce the Serotonin, if It does not have to compete with all of the other Amino Acids in order for it to reach the brain and be converted to this relaxing component, Serotonin.

The brain, we are told, needs the highest quality protein, but not a great amount to function properly in supplying Serotonin and also in helping us to both prevent and ward off most diseases. The best solution to obtaining this need would be to have some protein food at each meal, such as beef, chicken or eggs in reasonable quantity. Eggs, we are told are the most perfect protein source, supplying all the amino acids needed for ideal brain function.

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