R.E.A.L works with Young Adults from 13 years onwards as well as families with young children. Qualified in Childhood and Obesity Prevention

Posted by Samantha Rentz on September 9th 2013
  • At R.E.A.L we treat all ages from 13 year old to 70 year old, (yes it’s never too early nor too late)!

child obesity


Time and time again we are also asked to help young adults suffering from obesity and all manner of eating disorders. We have successfully worked we both ends of the spectrum with fast and lasting results. The only requirement is that YOU really want to change your lifestyle and get healthy. In order to protect the young adults we do not share these results unless asked to, as a matter of strict confidentiality!  But you can read our results on our testimonial page.

There are serious medical conditions with obesity in young adults that further develop in the long term to very serious life threatening diseases. DON’T leave it too late…we can help.


Please contact us today if you are a worried young adult about your weight and self-esteem.

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