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Posted by Samantha Rentz on April 2nd 2013

April heralds the official end of winter and the beginning of spring as the clocks move forward. After the long winter months and the endless round of soups, stews and root vegetable meals, lighter, more colourful foods begin to appear in the shops, and your recipe options expand.   In April, leafy young shoots such […]

Posted by Samantha Rentz on February 26th 2013

Purple Sprouting Broccoli   A member of the cabbage (Brassica) family, purple sprouting broccoli, like cauliflower, is the flowering part of the plant, and typically starts to emerge in late February when the rest of the vegetable garden is still dormant.   Purple sprouting broccoli was initially cultivated by the Romans and has been grown […]

Posted by Samantha Rentz on January 28th 2013

Cauliflower A member of the brassica family which includes cabbage, brussels sprouts and broccoli, the white cauliflower is becoming increasingly available in orange, green or even purple varieties.   It is typically the flowering head or ‘curd’ of the cauliflower which is eaten, although all parts are edible, especially the younger leaves which are used […]

Posted by Samantha Rentz on January 1st 2013

Week 1- DON’T GO ON A DIET!   Here’s the basics to get you off to a great start: Rule number 1 is don’t go on a diet!   1. Fit food around your lifestyle   Trying to change the way you live to accommodate a new way of eating is guaranteed to result in […]

Posted by Samantha Rentz on December 29th 2012

Choose from the approx 100 calorie Save snacks or approx 250 calorie Splurge snacks depending on the rate at which you are trying to lose weight.   If you’re also using the New Year New You Meal Plan you’ll be starting at a base of 1,150 calories which is quite a low amount for losing […]

Posted by Samantha Rentz on December 29th 2012

Choose one meal from each of the breakfast, lunch and dinner meal plans each day, together with a 300ml milk allowance. This adds up to approximately 1,150 calories so sticking to this meal plan should mean you lose weight at quite a fast rate.   Lose Weight Meal Plans Serving Sizes   All teaspoon and […]

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