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Posted by Samantha Rentz on July 21st 2013


You can see Becky’s full story here but wow what a difference!



R.E.A.L results in 46 weeks. Becky weighed 20 stone 1lb when she came to see me and has now lost over 10 stone in just 46 weeks the healthy way. What a difference a year makes!



Dolena-Lost 10lbs in her first week alone!

Dolena came to see R.E.A.L for her initial consultation on 29th March 2013. Dolena is 44 yrs old, 5 ft, 6 inches and weighed 17 stone 4 lbs and body fat was 52.6%. Dolena had been a member of weight watchers, slimming world and just about everything else. The same story as usual, she would lose some weight but, because she had not been given the emotional tools and 24/7 support, she had always regained the weight. Dolena was concerned about her health and really wanted to change her life and eating habits forever. Her goal was to be around 11 stone. We spent a very long time getting to know each other, finding out her food preferences and devising a food plan that worked around her life, (not the other way round)!


Dolena left armed with her food plans for the next 7 days and we kept in constant contact on the phone. When Dolena arrived after her 1st week we had a long chat and she had really enjoyed her 1st week food plans. We went through week 2 of her food plans and shopping list then weigh in time came. To Dolena’s amazement she had lost a MASSIVE 10lbs in 7 days. Even though I had started her on 1,600 calories a day she had a dramatic weight loss due the amount of calories she had previously been consuming which came in at over 3,000 calories a day before Dolena had started with R.E.A.L.


By week 2 Dolena had lost over 1 stone. We are now on week 9 and Dolena has had a weight loss of 2 stone and 4lbs, 2 holidays later and still going strong. Dolena’s body fat is now 45.8% and she has lost a total of 3 inches of her waist and 4 inches off her hips. We still have a way to go but we sure are getting there. Pictures to Follow….

And here is what Dolena say’s about R.E.A.L…

I’ve been coming to see Sam from REAL for 9 weeks now and during this time I’ve been on holiday had a blip and STILL lost 32lbs!  


The difference with REAL is the one to one connection you get from spending time with Sam and talking about what drives your eating habits, helping you to recognise that if you have a blip you don’t have to give up because with REAL you are given tools that help you to take back control straight away and not let food rule your life!   Sam is available 24/7 and provides advice via text, email or over the phone.  This is the most flexible healthy eating plan I’ve been on and it works around my life not the other way round!


I now feel I’m on my way to really having control and ownership of my eating habits and if I do slip up I have coping mechanisms in place that make me feel that I can quickly take that control back.  Time and time again I’ve got so far and given up because it’s taken forever and I feel like I’m missing out.  I haven’t felt this way because the menu plans I am on are interesting, varied, quick and easy to prepare and basically bloody delicious!    


With REAL I genuinely feel I can get to my goal – I have another 4 stone and 5lbs to go, seeing it in writing makes me think it’s still a long long way off, but in reality if I keep losing an average of 3lbs a week, which I believe I can with this healthy eating plan and exercise, I can do this in 20 weeks, that means by Christmas I will have been at my goal weight for a month!  Wow!!  Now I’m really motivated!!! Lol


A very happy customer! :)




Billie-Lost 5lbs in her first week

Billie came for her first consultation on the 7th June 2013 after a lengthy telephone conversation. Billie is 43 years old, 5ft 5inches and weighed 10.stone 7lbs when she first came to see me. Whilst Billie only wanted to lose a stone she had tried every fad diet going and simply could not sustain her weight loss. We filled in lots of forms on her initial consultation and went over food preferences and where she felt that she had not succeeded in the past with fad diets.


In her first week she lost 5lbs alone and now in her 5th week Billie has lost over 11lbs and at 9stone 10lbs her goal weight is in reach in the next week alone. She feels that she has finally been given the right motivation and now has all the tools she will ever need to sustain her weight loss, along with hundreds of healthy recipes to serve all occasions in the future.  The next few weeks she will be on a maintenance plan to ensure that she sustains her weight loss forever!


  • Week 5

So we are on week 5 and Billie has hit her ideal weight of 9 stone 7lbs! She was delighted at weigh in and I even got a hug. Now it’s just maintenance for the next 5 weeks. Way to go Billie!



Polly-Lost 8lbs in her first week!!!!

Polly came to see me after a friend recommended R.E.A.L services. Polly’s first consultation was on the 28th June 2013 and Polly is 37 years old, 5ft 3inches and weighed 11stone 1lb. Polly wanted to get down to 9 and a half stone before her holiday in September and like all R.E.A.L clients had tried all those fad diets only to pile the pounds back on. We had a lengthy consultation and worked out the best food plan for her to fit in around her hectic work life and family commitments. Polly left armed with her food plans and shopping lists and we kept in touch throughout the week. During the first few days Polly texted me that not only had she loved her basil salmon dinner on the first night but that also her husband and 2 year old son had loved it too!


When Polly arrived for her next weigh in on week 1 and weekly consultation she looked great and in her words…’she had shrunk’! She had even brought her 1st week’s food plans with notes on for me to see! Some notes just had ‘yummy’ scrawled beside them etc!So after a long chat about her week weigh in came and she couldn’t believe it. Polly had lost a massive 8lbs in 7 days weighing in at 10stone 7lbs.


When week 2 arrived and we had our weekly session Polly looked great. We went over all food plans for the coming week and then we did a weigh in. Polly had lost a further 2lbs so a total weight loss of 10lbs in 2 weeks!She was over the moon an had lost over 2inches on her chest and 2 inches off her waist a 1 inch off her hips. More importantly Polly’s body fat had gone down from 38.4% to 34% in just 2 weeks. The reason for the slightly lower weight loss on week 2 was purely down to water retention as week 3 will prove when I type in next week’s results!


When Polly arrived on week 3 she looked so healthy. She said how many compliments she had been getting about her weight loss. We had a long chat and she felt that she had a really healthy week and had temptation put infront of her so many times but had refrained even declining champagne for sparkling water! We went through the food plans for next week and we got on the scales and I was right! Polly had lost another 5lbs in 7 days making her weight loss a fabulous 15lbs in 3 weeks! Polly had lost 2 inches off her chest, 2 inches off her waist, 3 inches off her hips and 2 inches off her thighs and her body fat had gone down to 32%. A very happy R.E.A.L Client

“I can’t believe I’m at my goal weight, I did good this week and have managed to fit in 3 military fitness classes! I’ve had loads of people this week comment how much I’ve shrunk – yay! Celebrated with a few new holiday clothes purchases!


Anyway I wanted to say I couldn’t have come this far without all your help, in fact I didn’t think it was possible to lose this much weight :-) thank you so much.”


Barbara-Lost 4 lbs in her first week


Barbara came to see R.E.A.L after being referred by her personal trainer to help sort out her eating issues once and for all. Barbara is the youngest 61 year old lady I have ever met with a fabulous character that makes me chuckle as I type this. Barbara was a gold member of weight watchers she proudly told me on the phone before our initial consultation! Infact Barbara could probably write a book on dieting. Her goal was to get back to her ideal weight before her 40th wedding anniversary in 2014. So we embarked on a 30-40 week food plan to change her life. Barbara weighed 17stone 13pounds on the 23rd June 2013 and is 5ft 7inches.


On our first meeting we had to identify a food plan that fitted around Barbara’s hectic social life and her exquisite food palate. A dream Client whom liked every food other than nuts:) The biggest challenge with Barbara was to ensure that she did not weigh herself alone and only when she came to see me.

Week 1 and Barbara and I had kept in constant contact and she sent me texts saying how much she was loving the food!

After week 2 I received a lovely text saying this “Thanks for taking the time to check the Crabtree Menu. Not sure who was more pleased today with my weight loss, me or you but think it was me! Words cannot express adequately my thanks for all your support and caring approach. You are definitely the answer to my prayers! Have a good weekend.”


We are now on week 3 and Barbara has lost 12lbs and headed for the 1 stone region by week 4. Sure enough week 4 and Barbara has lost over a stone and is now 16 stone 2lbs!


Jane lost 1 stone in 3 weeks!

“I started seeing Sam at R.E.A.L in January 2014. I was 10 stone 6lbs and wanted to reach my goal weight of 9 stone after years of battling with my food addiction. After just 3 weeks I have lost 1 stone the healthy way and the rest of the plan will be learning how to sustain my weight loss forever. The food is delicious and so easy to prepare and whenever I feel bad or wobbly I phone Sam. Sam has become a good friend in the process and I think she is awesome! I really hope more people use R.E.A.L services because it really has changed my life in just 3 weeks. I have been yo-yo dieting for years and now I have found the solution. The great thing is that I don’t feel deprived because the food is so nice. I even get hot chocolate tonight as a snack which is great! I can still have my Costa coffee everyday and I have had 2 curries this week, made from scratch which were nicer than any artificial curry that you would get at an Indian restaurant. So I hope that anyone out there who is in despair over their weight and food addiction contacts Sam Rentz at R.E.A.L as soon as possible. It has given me total freedom. Contact Sam today to get the freedom back into your life.” UPDATE. Jane has now lost almost 2 stone in 10 weeks and now weighs 8 stone 7 pounds!


Read Jane’s journey here

More Happy R.E.A.L Clients!!!



More before and after photos to follow!

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