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At R.E.A.L we believe a healthy diet is one of the secrets of true happiness and the key to losing weight and sustaining it, ( please see our services for further details). Eating a healthy, balanced diet should be so easy, but many of us struggle to get it right and lose weight. We help our clients get back on track and make changes that last for the rest of their lives. With our nutrition and weight services we will give you nutrition advice that ensures you are eating the right kind and amount of carbohydrates, proteins and fats, and that you are getting enough essential vitamins and minerals and have a healthy and balanced diet through healthy eating. This is not a “quick fix” option, although many of our clients see amazing results in just a couple of weeks. It’s about making a mindset and lifestyle change to ensure the weight you lose stays off. A healthy diet does NOT mean living on celery and cottage cheese or a quick clap on a weigh-in day, (with no ongoing daily support) or points or deprivation……and yes you can eat chocolate and ice-cream!

The innovative 10-week weight loss programme gives you practical information on portion sizes, healthy options, personalised meal plans, goal setting throughout the process, as well as giving you photographic evidence of what a leaner, healthier you will look like. R.E.A.L is dedicated to clients 24/7. It’s all in the science behind R.E.A.L food plans and recipes and failure is not an option with R.E.A.L! We have a proven track record of weight loss with clients who have lost weight and sustained it! Check out our testimonials and make the call today to R.E.A.L that will change your life forever!


Don’t just take our word for it…

Tom Aikens













“Having worked with Samantha, I can say that she is totally dedicated to helping client’s achieve results with a passion. I would recommend her services at REAL highly”.Tom Aikens, Top British Chef. Patron of Tom’s Kitchen


Don’t just take our word for it….


Max Kirsten













” I am one of Sam Rentz’s greatest fans. Her passion, commitment and dedication to the healthier lifestyles of her clients, including the changing of their mindsets to a ‘healthier way of living’ for a truly sustainable weight loss is very inspiring.”
Max Kirsten, the award winning internationally acclaimed Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Success Coach and Author.


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Rebecca’s ‘Fighting The Fat’ Success Story and Journey. 10 stone Weight loss in Just 46 Weeks




















Read more about Rebecca’s story here and results to date.

Follow Jane’s REAL Daily Journey to Healthy Eating and Weight loss. Her highs, lows and all REAL emotions on changing her lifestyle forever.


Jane's weight loss journey

Jane’s weight loss journey














Read more on Jane’s weight loss journey here

See what REAL Clients say!


“I would highly recommend R.E.A.L services to anyone that is struggling to lose weight and keep it off.”
Update! Rebecca has now lost a total of over 10 stone in 46 weeks and now weighs 10 stone 8lbs!


“I’ve been coming to see Sam from R.E.A.L for 9 weeks now and during this time I’ve been on holiday had a blip and STILL lost 32lbs! A very happy customer”



“I lost 2 stone over 28 weeks and I have keep the weight off over 6 months later.”


“Sam is THE expert in nutrition and weight services and found me the perfect healthy balanced diet.”



“The one thing I’ve started eating more of is fish and cutting out lots of red meat and my system feels great for it. I now have an addiction to tuna steaks, my fish man loves it.”


“I wanted to say I couldn’t have come this far without all your help, in fact I didn’t think it was possible to lose this much weight:)thank you so much.”



“Sam has a heart of a lion and has been my inspiration. She was with me 24/7 emotionally and there to support me. She is totally dedicated to her Clients and goes above and beyond the call of duty.”



“I hope that anyone out there who is in despair over their weight and food addiction contacts Sam Rentz at R.E.A.L as soon as possible. It has given me total freedom. Contact Sam today to get the freedom back into your life.”
UPDATE! Jane has lost almost 2 stone in 10 weeks and now weighs 8 stone 7 pounds!


“We owe or life to Sam and we feel better than we have ever felt. The food is delicious too! I would recommend R.E.A.L to anyone who really wants to lose weight and keep it off. The best thing about Sam is her dedication and passion and she is there for us 7 days a week. We are proof that R.E.A.L works”
Bob and Sandra


“Sam was amazing! She treated me in the strictest of confidence and I told her everything. She made me feel safe and has been there over the last 6 months every day and night for me. I now weigh 10 stone and my life has changed forever. I have loads of confidence and am even dating boys, (just don’t tell my Dad)!”


“Not sure who was is more pleased with my weight loss, me or you but think it was me! Words cannot express adequately my thanks for all your support and caring approach. You are definitely the answer to my prayers!”


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