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Who are and what is R.E.A.L?

R.E.A.L was founded in 2012 by Samantha Rentz. Samantha herself had battled with her food addiction and had struggled with weight loss all her life until 9 years ago. Tried every diet, every slimming club only to lose weight and pile it back on again. Samantha learn’t that true weight loss success and being healthy came from re-education and changing life long habits. Samantha qualified in Weight and Nutrition Management, Client Psychology and Motivation, Nutrition for Sport and Exercise, Gym Instructor, Childhood Nutrition and Obesity Prevention  and Exercise for Ultimate Fat Loss with Future Fit,  in order to help others with a passion and dedication seen by no other person.

At R.E.A.L we believe a healthy diet is one of the secrets of true happiness. Eating a healthy, balanced diet should be so easy, but many of us struggle to get it right and lose weight. We help our clients get back on track and make changes that last for the rest of their lives. With our nutrition and weight services we will give you nutrition advice that ensures you are eating the right kind and amount of carbohydrates, proteins and fats, and that you are getting enough essential vitamins and minerals and have a healthy and balanced diet through healthy eating.

Our nutritionists’ philosophy is to get back to basics, by eating and cooking natural, wholesome foods. Our mission is to inspire and educate people to improve their health, well-being and physique whilst enjoying a large variety of fresh, nutritious and delicious food with our nutrition and weight services. To assist you to lose weight through a healthy diet with our nutrition and weight services. This does not mean eating celery and salads, a quick clap at weigh-in time with no ongoing continual support. No at R.E.A.L we are here 7 days a week to motivate and help our clients achieve their weight loss and SUSTAIN IT! We also offer R.E.A.L boot-camp where you are guaranteed to lose 7 lbs in 4 days.

So whether you want improve your diet or lose weight, we can help. We offer a range of bespoke services including consultations,10 week weight loss programmes and even cupboard clean-outs, (kitchen detox)! Home consultations, cooking lessons, personal food shopping and boot-camp. We also provide nutritional advice for both professional and amateur athletes.

For those of you that don’t already exercise, we can help incorporate a fitness plan alongside your nutrition with top qualified advanced personal trainers.

Are you struggling to lose weight and sustain your weight loss,  getting fit and integrating healthy eating alongside  a fitness regime or finding it hard to find the right exercise that suits you and fits into your lifestyle?

If you do then R.E.A.L has the answer. R.E.A.L can provide you with both the right food weight loss programme combined with the right exercise regime to ensure you reach your weight loss target.

R.E.A.L 10 week nutrition and weight management programme is bespoke to every Client. R.E.A.L gives you personalised food plans, goal setting throughout the process, as well as giving you photographic evidence of what a leaner, healthier you will look like, as well as 7 days a week support and motivation.

If you want to lose weight the healthy way and sustain it, get fit and feel happier, then give R.E.A.L a call today to chat about our 10 week weight loss programme. 1 call could change your life and help you achieve your weight loss dreams.

R.E.A.L also works alongside Top UK Health Club Roko.

  • Why R.E.A.L Chooses to Work Alongside Roko Health Clubs. GET R.E.A.L- GET ROKO!

Why Choose Roko?

  • Premium and Affordable

At Roko we pride ourselves on our competitive membership pricing.

Our range of facilities and services are exceptional but we always ensure that our prices are affordable.

Roko offers a variety of membership options to suit almost everybody, so whatever your budget you are sure to find a Roko membership that’s right for you.

We also offer significant discounts to members of the CSSC Sports & Leisure (The Civil Service Sports Council)

  • Fantastic Facilities

With a vast range of luxurious facilities and services you are spoilt for choice at Roko.

Every Roko has:

  • A sparkling indoor pool with spa, sauna, steam room and aromatherapy room.
  • Heated Outdoor pool
  • A spacious and well equipped fitness arena with functional training arena and dedicated Personal Trainers
  • Small group courses, using our outdoor green area
  • 3 dedicated group exercise studios with over 60 weekly classes
  • Luxury changing rooms
  • The Joshua Tree Aveda, Hair and Beauty Salon.
  • A club lounge serving Costa Coffee
  • Complimentary internet access and wi-fi
  • FitLinxx –  Our electronic system that logs all your programms / workouts and progress, with email access and trainer messaging.
  • Tint Talkers crèche & day nursery, that provides holiday clubs and children’s parties.
  • Children’s Swim Programme, with an excellent reputation. Where children and adults learn to swim in small groups
  • Ample free parking and on a convenient bus route.



  • Highly Trained Staff

All Roko fitness instructors have achieved or are working towards a minimum of REPS level 3. REPs (The Register of Exercise Professionals)


  • Touchbase

With our unique Touchbase Programme we are with you every step of your fitness journey.  We will deliver a one hour , 1-1  session with a trainer to establish your fitness goals and preferred activities. Monitor you progression and work with you to keep motivated and achieve results.


R.E.A.L is passionate about helping people to reach their ideal weight the healthy way. To help you reach a natural and healthy shape through a balanced and healthy diet.

Giving you back your self esteem, well-being, overall wellness and energy in a fun and manageable way!

R.E.A.L can help you lose weight. Join R.E.A.L ten week programme, consisting of an initial consultation and nine follow-up sessions in Nutrition and Weight management. As well as your own personal trainer to get fit! The fitness element provides a personalised programme of specific exercises that will give you a safe way to work out, one-on-one at Carol’s private studio in Horsham, reducing the risk of injury, help you burn the calories and keep the weight off.

SHAPE FOR SUMMER! Get a 10% DISCOUNT if you join R.E.A.L before the end of October! Don’t delay….change your life today.

R.E.A.L magazine coming soon. Watch this space!

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