“Having worked with Samantha, I can say that she is totally dedicated to helping Client’s achieve results with a passion. I would recommend her services at REAL highly”
Tom Aikens

Tom Aikens, Top British Chef. Patron of Tom’s Kitchen


” I am one of Sam Rentz’s greatest fans. Her passion, commitment and dedication to the healthier lifestyles of her clients, including the changing of their mindsets to a ‘healthier way of living’ for a truly sustainable weight loss is very inspiring.”
Max Kirsten 
Max Kirsten. Clinical Hypnotherapist, Master Practitioner of NLP, Success Coach and Author.



“I had been planning my wedding day since I was in my teens and got engaged 2 years ago. Due to personal challenges I had piled on the pounds and was never going to fit into my dream wedding dress, even with major alterations. I had tried every diet and whilst they worked short term I ended up piling on twice as much weight afterwards. I was recommended to R.E.A.L, and whilst it was hard to break my eating habits, Sam was there every day to help me find a healthy balanced diet to help me lose weight with a healthy diet with R.E.A.L nutrition and weight services. I got married in July and my wedding dress was too loose so it had to be taken in! I am still a size 12 now and thanks to Sam at R.E.A.L will never put that weight back on again now that I have been educated in food choices with R.E.A.L nutrition and weight services and doing gentle exercise 3 times a week with Carol R.E.A.L personal trainer’’


“When I asked Samantha to help me I was 2 stone overweight and felt that I had lost all confidence and even walking was becoming a struggle. I was wary about making big changes too fast but Samantha spent several hours on our first meeting explaining how she worked with finding me a balanced diet with R.E.A,L nutrition and weight services, and I realised that I could do it with her help. I lost 2 stone over 28 weeks and I have keep the weight off over 6 months later”.


“Like every new mum I was struggling with losing my excess baby weight and sick of yo-yo dieting. I had tried every diet known but heard about R.E.A.L nutrition and weight services and never looked back. Samantha worked with me helping me to change my eating habits slowly and I can now wear my size 12 jeans after years of misery and feeling horrible about my body shape. I would recommend her, and have done, to all my friends. Sam is THE expert in nutrition and weight services and found me the perfect healthy balanced diet”.


“Since following Sam’s programme that she has set out for me, I have had a dramatic change in energy. I no longer cut out meals but enjoy eating a healthy meal three times a day and snack on vegetables and fruit when I’m hungry. I don’t eat as much processed carbohydrate, and I certainly drink a lot more water, my skin feels better, I feel more energetic, i.e. I’m not climbing into bed at 8.30pm and passing out from fatigue.

The one thing I’ve started eating more of is fish and cutting out lots of red meat and my system feels great for it. I now have an addiction to tuna steaks, my fish man loves it”.


“My wife and I had been yo-yo dieting for over 20 years and Sandra was considering having a gastric band fitted but at 30 stone this was a risk. We went to Slimmer’s World, tried Weight Watchers but every time we lost weight it came back on fast. A friend recommended that we contact Sam as she had lost over 8 stone in 32 weeks with Sam’s help. We were sceptical that it could be as simple as follow a healthy diet but we booked an initial meeting with Sam on January 8th 2013. After we had spoken to Sam in-depth,  Sam asked us if we were really committed to working alongside her as she doesn’t take on people whom she feels are not motivated. Sam asked us to go away and think about it but we signed up straight away. The following week we were given bespoke food plans and daily menus. The first week was hard and Sandra was on the phone everyday to Sam when she was struggling. It’s now April and I have lost 3 stone 3lbs and Sandra has lost almost 4 stone. We owe or life to Sam and we feel better than we have ever felt. The food is delicious too! I would recommend R.E.A.L to anyone who really wants to lose weight and keep it off. The best thing about Sam is her dedication and passion and she is there for us 7 days a week. We are proof that R.E.A.L works”

Bob and Sandra


“At the beginning of November  2012, I was referred to R.E.A.L through my personal trainer Carol Owen as my weight loss wasn’t going to plan. In fact it wasn’t going at all. I had serious plans to get weight loss surgery, as I felt that no other alternative would get me the results I wanted without having to diet for years. Sam, Founder of R.E.A.L, called and we soon after had our initial meeting where all the services and plan of action was explained to me, as well as a clear pricing system. From the 8.11.12 I was given a weekly meal plan, which included a shopping list. It broke down all my daily meals, with ingredients and recipes and told me the calories and what was the healthiest options and if I have ANY queries whatsoever with the menu, then I can call Sam, she is on the end of a phone 24/7. But what’s more important almost, it the emotional support Sam gives. The way she isn’t just giving you a menu, but a new way of thinking, teaching you about nutrition so one day its ME who makes the right decisions. When I have bad days, days that are more difficult and I feel like giving up I can call Sam, and she will know the exact words. My own personal cheerleader you could call it. Sam also provided me with a laptop so I could stay in contact and send my daily food diary, also she leant me her own juicer when I did a 3 day detox. Also, another helpful tool is when I have meals out, for example I was in Zizzi’s completely drowning in the menu, I simply sent a little message to Sam telling her the restaurant I was in, and within minutes I had a reply with what I could eat.
Sam will exercise with me weekly as she is very fit herself, this week we played tennis and it was hilarious! R.E.A.L, (Sam) works closely with a company called runtastic, so I’m currently using their site to record my training, and have a heart rate monitor watch to help keep track of my progress too. Up to this point I’ve lost 1 stone and 9lbs, and that’s in 7 weeks. I’ve never had results like that before, and its completely down to R.E.A.L. I’m hoping to hit 2 stone before Christmas, so I can go all out on the 25th (I have special permission) and hoping to hit my 10 stone goal within the year. This WORKS, if I stick to the plan and I’m honest, it WORKS and I already have proof of that. There is no such thing as failure with R.E.A.L, it’s all science and the hard work Sam puts in to make sure her Clients succeed. I would highly recommend R.E.A.L services to anyone that is struggling to lose weight and keep it off”.

Update! Rebecca has now lost a total of over 10 stone  in 46 weeks and now weighs 10 stone 8lbs!


“I’ve been coming to see Sam from R.E.A.L for 9 weeks now and during this time I’ve been on holiday had a blip and STILL lost 32lbs!


The difference with REAL is the one to one connection you get from spending time with Sam and talking about what drives your eating habits, helping you to recognise that if you have a blip you don’t have to give up because with R.E.A.L you are given tools that help you to take back control straight away and not let food rule your life!   Sam is available 24/7 and provides advice via text, email or over the phone.  This is the most flexible healthy eating plan I’ve been on and it works around my life not the other way round!


I now feel I’m on my way to really having control and ownership of my eating habits and if I do slip up I have coping mechanisms in place that make me feel that I can quickly take that control back.  Time and time again I’ve got so far and given up because it’s taken forever and I feel like I’m missing out.  I haven’t felt this way because the menu plans I am on are interesting, varied, quick and easy to prepare and basically bloody delicious!


With R.E.A.L I genuinely feel I can get to my goal – I have another 4 stone and 5lbs to go, seeing it in writing makes me think it’s still a long long way off, but in reality if I keep losing an average of 3lbs a week, which I believe I can with this healthy eating plan and exercise, I can do this in 20 weeks, that means by Christmas I will have been at my goal weight for a month!  Wow!!  Now I’m really motivated!!! Lol


A very happy customer”!



“I can’t believe I’m at my goal weight, I did good this week and have managed to fit in 3 military fitness classes! I’ve had loads of people this week comment how much I’ve shrunk – yay! Celebrated with a few new holiday clothes purchases!


Anyway I wanted to say I couldn’t have come this far without all your help, in fact I didn’t think it was possible to lose this much weight   thank you so much.”


” A good friend of the family, that was a client of R.E.A.L,  suggested that I went to see Sam. My name is Sophie and I am 14 years old and weighed 19 stone. When I came to see Sam I was really nervous and scared. Sam was amazing! She treated me in the strictest of confidence and I told her everything. She made me feel safe and has been there over the last 6 months every day and night for me. I now weigh 10 stone and my life has changed forever. I have loads of confidence and am even dating boys, (just don’t tell my Dad)!”


“When I asked Samantha to help me I was 2 stone overweight and felt that I had lost all confidence and even walking was becoming a struggle. I was wary about making big changes too fast but Samantha spent several hours on our first meeting explaining how she worked with finding me a balanced diet with R.E.A,L nutrition and weight services, and I realised that I could do it with her help. I lost 2 stone over 28 weeks and I have keep the weight off over 6 months later”.


“After a 10 week programme with R.E.A.L I lost over 2 stone and reached my goal weight after 12 years of struggling with my weight with Sam. Sam asked if I wouldn’t mind sharing my experience on the REAL website. I struggled to convey my story without such vast emotions as my happiness of finally achieving my goal is overwhelming. Having tried every fad diet and all slimming clubs I finally found the answer to my prayers. With daily shopping lists and all my meals done for me to fit around my hectic lifestyle it worked. To keep it short, if you want to lose weight and sustain your weight loss forever then contact Sam. Sam has a heart of a lion and has been my inspiration. She was with me 24/7 emotionally and there to support me. She is totally dedicated to her Clients and goes above and beyond the call of duty”.


“I started seeing Sam at R.E.A.L in January 2014. I was 10 stone 6lbs and wanted to reach my goal weight of 9 stone after years of battling with my food addiction. After just 3 weeks I have lost 1 stone the healthy way and the rest of the plan will be learning how to sustain my weight loss forever. The food is delicious and so easy to prepare and whenever I feel bad or wobbly I phone Sam. Sam has become a good friend in the process and I think she is awesome! I really hope more people use R.E.A.L services because it really has changed my life in just 3 weeks. I have been yo-yo dieting for years and now I have found the solution. The great thing is that I don’t feel deprived because the food is so nice. I even get hot chocolate tonight as a snack which is great! I can still have my Costa coffee everyday and I have had 2 curries this week, made from scratch which were nicer than any artificial curry that you would get at an Indian restaurant. So I hope that anyone out there who is in despair over their weight and food addiction contacts Sam Rentz at R.E.A.L as soon as possible. It has given me total freedom. Contact Sam today to get the freedom back into your life.”

UPDATE! Jane has lost almost 2 stone in 10 weeks and now weighs 8 stone 7 pounds!


“Not sure who was is more pleased with my weight loss, me or you but think it was me! Words cannot express adequately my thanks for all your support and caring approach. You are definitely the answer to my prayers!”

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